Trinidad briefly

Sat 24 Sep 2016 19:17

Chris met me at the Airport in Mike’s Taxi and on our way back to Quicksilver we stop for a Chinese meal and then a large gin and tonic at TTSA,  on board Quicksilver all is good with Cava and flowers, the journey is forgotten!!  Chris has moved QS while I have been away and we are next to Karma in wreck bay, where Graham is waiting the return of Joan from Ireland.  This is a quick visit to Trinidad for me as Chris’s visa runs out on the 16th and rather than go to ‘downtown Port of Spain’ and jump through hoops for the immigration officials we will sail to Carriacou, Grenada for a week or so and then return to Trini.  So the morning of the 16th of September we check out with Immigration and Customs, have our traditional last lunch in Café del Mar, shop in Duty Free, padlock our bikes at TTSA and then motor around to Scotland Bay.  A final security check and at 8pm we leave through the Bocas and set sails for Carriacou.