Christmas in Trinidad

Mon 13 Jan 2014 20:33
Maris decided a ‘home visit’ was needed so arrived to join us on the 18th December for two weeks over Christmas, we had planned to meet with her in Guyana but Trinidad it had to be.
We had a quiet time in Chacachacare for Christmas, weather wasn’t brilliant but on Christmas Eve we managed to walk through the old hospital buildings and up to the graveyard which is where the nuns who ran the leper colony are buried...  Maris and I were were not the only visitors that day.....
m_DSCF3024  m_DSCF3026  m_DSCF3034
m_DSCF3027  m_DSCF3035  m_DSCF3021
Christmas Day and Santa had managed to find us, although a bit of a sulk from me as alcohol is off my list for the time being, we had an enjoyable day, Maris even managed a swim.
m_DSCF3042    m_20131225_153757m_20131225_153557
  m_20131225_155553_night  m_20131225_171413_night  m_20131225_161527_night  m_20131225_171428_night
A spectacular visit of bottle nosed dolphins on Boxing Day as we made our way by dinghy to walk up to the lighthouse.   m_100_2792  m_100_2790  m_100_2797   
When this lighthouse was built is was the highest lighthouse in the world, not the tallest but the highest.  Unfortunately after the slog of the climb the views to Venezuela, which is 3 miles from the coast of western Chacachacare,  were not as good as they could have been,  but at least we walked off a couple of mince pies and the shortbread!
m_100_2808  m_100_2812  m_100_2820
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A phone call from Jesse James promised us a tour to the Asa Wright Rainforest Reserve and Caroni Swamp on the 27th so we upped anchor late afternoon and tied up again early evening and prepared for trip.