Martinique 1

Wed 27 Feb 2013 20:19
We are anchored in St Anne which is somewhere we did not get to when we were last here and everyone told us it is a really beautiful spot and they are right! we moved QS around the coast by a couple of miles to Marin (where we checked in with Customs), Marin is huge, home to most of the charter fleets in the Caribbean, the place to get repairs done and buy supplies.  Well we find it very expensive for spares/repairs after being used to Trinidad, eating and drinking ashore is also expensive and to add insult to injury we bought a Digicell dongle so we could keep email going through the islands, well guess what it does not work on the French islands!  Apart from that we are polishing our rusty French and enjoying taking buses to see some of the Island before we head up the Coast.
St Anne