14.33N 051.41W

Thu 16 Dec 2010 14:44
06.30 Engine on, 08.00 engine off, although we are getting forecasts of wind speed 10 - 15 knots the winds were very light & fickle overnight and this morning.  Motoring for a couple of hours means we can make some water and top up the batteries, the lack of speed means the towed generator is not putting put as much power as needed.  It also helps make a little progress onwards, we need to achieve 100 miles a day to be in time for flights.
Today's sightings have been: a rainbow on our starboard horizon, (same as yesterday) two gannets flying around the mast this morning, squabbling over airspace,(two days ago we had one that was determined to land in the rigging, we had resort to fog horn to scare him off) and a fly past of a Roseate tern, flying fish as per usual.