Kos to Amorgos Report and Pics

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 28 Jun 2015 10:18

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28 June 2015

After leaving Kos last Thursday morning I headed, now single handed, back to the island of Serimos, this time to the small anchorage on the western side of the island. A picturesque quiet little spot with a lovely beach. Well, quiet until I was later followed in by several large Gulets packed to the gunwales with fun seeking tourists who quickly populated the beach and waters off it until being recalled to their boats to head off to their next destination. My satisfaction was short lived. They had left to make way for several more boatloads ...   



Video of the arrival of the Gulets

Ever mindful of the need to be in Prevasa in a couple of weeks to pick up my next crew I left early next morning to cross to, and to head up, the east coast of the island of Kalimnos on the 21 nm passage to the next island up - Leros. Pretty soon the forecasted strong NW wind returned virtually on the nose. It proved an arduous passage, making only 3 kts for much of the time as Bootlegger punched into heavy seas. Took me almost six hours to reach Leros's South anchorage. There were a dozen or so boats already lying at anchor.

I anchored close to the west mole and near to another Amel SM2000, a Belgian called 'My Way' who waved a friendly greeting. Later I put the dinghy in the water and rowed ashore to pick up some provisions, forgetting my shoes! With the strong offshore wind I wasn't going back for them. Rather than walk on a stony surface for some 3/4 of a mile I got a lift to the local shop and a taxi back. Almost missed grabbing the boat as I was propelled offshore by the 
strong wind.

Left Leros at 08:00 the following morning for the 60 nm passage to Katapola on the west side of the island of Amorgos.

Pretty soon the B6 strength NW winds were back. I was on a close reach and as the wind increased in velocity and the waves got ever larger making the passage increasingly uncomfortable, my thoughts turned to looking for some shelter as I approached the uninhabited island of Kinaros which, according to my chart offered shelter in the form of a small Fyjord.  I made for it and pretty soon was out of the wildness of the weather outside as I motored cautiously further and further up the narrow waters before dropping the hook in some 8 metres of water. The downside I later found was there was no mobile or wifi signal of course so I was cut off from the outside world until such time as I was able to get away from there.   


Video images of Bootlegger taking shelter in Fyjord in uninhabited island of Kinaros and this morning coming down west coast of Amorgos like a train, doing 8.5 kts with just a handkerchief out


( thought had shut camera off at end where iPad got covered in sea spray when a wave hit. Seen talking to myself as I sought shelter below to dry pad off )

The Fyjord as I say was quite narrow but, after anchoring as far up as I could I later put a kedge anchor out astern which kept Bootlegger nice and steady overnight. The wind screamed down the Fyjord throughout my time there, my only company being for a brief time, two black goats that hung precariously onto the steep rock face above me and who viewed me with idle curiosity before moving on. There used to be a lone shepherd who once lived on the island - you can see his shack on the beach. Maybe they were part of his old herd - or descendents of.

Having departed Kinaros at 06:00 for what proved a very rough 30 nm 4.5 hour testing passage to here, Amorgos, My average speed was greatly improved after I rounded the top of Amorgos and headed down the west coast to Katapola where, with the wind off the starboard quarter, I was making 8.5 kts with just a handkerchief up!

I am presently anchored ( getting stern to ashore without a second pair of hands - particularly with a strong cross wind is NOT recommended ) in a deep bay in which lies the main settlement of this yet unspoilt ( by tourists ) Greek island - Katapola ( see two pics below). It is a very pretty spot. Will hopefully go ashore later if conditions permit - presently getting up to 30 kts across the deck, and sample the local Raki - and some tasty food. All I have eaten these past three days is salad, salad and more salad ...


Katapola, Amorgos Island viewed from my anchorage looking north and then south