From Corfu to Preveza, mainland Greece 16 September 2013

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 16 Sep 2013 16:31


38:57.39N 20:45.23E

Corfu to Preveza Marina, Mainland Greece ( 70nm )

Fuel 600 litres. Water 1000 litres. Gas 1 bottle

Crew: Frank and Jackie

Filled up tank (374 liters at 1.56 Euro/liter, the least expensive fuel so far) at Gouvia Marina 39:38.80N 19:51.31E and went to see the sail maker to obtain samples for a new canopy.

15:00 h Departed Gouvia Marina and headed for anchorage south of Mourtos on mainland Greece, some 15 nm southeast of Corfu.

Wind westerly 2, later 3 to 4 allowing for 7.5 kn just with genny and mizzen.

16:10 h A large Norwegian NCL cruise liner passes us.

Anchored and ready to go ashore in bay south of Mourtos Harbour at 19:00 h. Landed the dinghy on a pretty beach overlooked by a brand new hotel. Had a beer, appetizer and glass of wine and got the password to their WiFi, the purpose of our visit.

Bootlegger at anchor for the night in bay south of Mourtos

After having downloaded our e-mails and walked around this clinical looking hotel complex, we return to Bootlegger and soon retire to our bunk, as the thunderstorms of last night did not allow for much sleep.


39:24.31N 20:14.005E 07:00 We raise our anchor from the beautiful clear water of this lovely bay. The very heavy dew on deck predicts a weather change and we know that the depression situated east of Sardinia and Sicily will soon be with us.

Distance to Preveza 37 nm.

We motor sail, the SE wind on the nose is very weak, but the swell from the SW very notable, an indication of strong winds SW of us.

09:30  on arriving off Parga we consider stopping off. big cruise ship is anchored off the coast and we are tempted to take a quick glance at the fortress. We decide to press on as the swell from the SW does not make the journey very comfortable and poor weather is forecast.

We pull out the genny on several occasions and end up getting a steady NW 3-4 to help the engine in this swell.

Noon position: 39:02.48"N  20:36.59E

13:50 - Some 10 nm later we reach the entrance to the canal leading to Preveza. We follow the buoyed access and use genny and engine to reach the town of Preveza.

14:30  38:57.27.31N 20:51.30.91E Preveza  Tied up alongside town quay.

We spend three nights here, enjoying for a change, a typical Greek town that is not so focused on tourism. We find a shoe repair, have our curtains modified, find many fruit and vegetable shops as well as a big supermarket, all in walking distance of Bootlegger. The town quay has numerous cafes with WiFi and we achieve a connection from the boat, once the password of the cafe across the quay is known.

We are lucky. Most sailors who stop here complain about the loud music. As we are in the middle of the week and reaching the end of September,
there is only one football game with a few aficionados . We are therefore able to sleep well in spite of the stench of sewage in the harbour.

Preveza town quay looking south
Odysseas Androutsos, a hero of the Greek War of Independence

We say good-bye to Birgitta once more, who need to follow the America’s Cup with a stable WiFi connection.

Thursday 19 September 2013

We leave Preveza at 14:00 and enter the Ambracian Gulf with its many fish farms and rather murky waters. In spite of the difference in temperature, J is very much reminded of her sail to Castro the capital of Chiloé Island. The surroundings are picturesque and we slalom around the shallow patches marked by buoys. 

A nice NW 3 pushes us along with genny and mizzen only. We enjoy sailing with the sound of the wind in the sails.

Bootlegger's anchor is dropped behind the small island that is connected by a pedestrian bridge to the mainland east of Vonitsa.

We are well protected and can see the white horses on the other side of the island with its chapel and pine forest.

A cow herd is being led up a road east of our anchorage. The sunset allows for a wonderful sun downer in the cockpit. As the orange sky slowly turns the island into a black silhouette, the lighting of the Venitian fort above Vonitsa goes on and we enjoy every minute at this lovely anchorage, sharing it's views and full moon in the company of four other yachts.

Nissos Kukuvitsa

Friday 20 September 2013

We are expected in Preveza Marina who have reserved a berth for Bootlegger for the week.

Anchor up at 07:00 and we prepare breakfast as we sail back to Preveza under engine. 

J manoeuvres Bootlegger astern to berth alongside pontoon No 3 in Preveza Marina at 14:00. 38:57.39N 20:45.23E, where we will stay the next few days to undertake some works on the boat. Michael and Olga of Preveza Marina give us a warm welcome. We anticipate heading south on Thursday next week.

Preveza town quay

Saturday 21 September 2013

J has the stitches in her finger removed at Preveza hospital. The surgeon mutters that the one who did the stitches 12 days ago must have been angry as they were so tight that most of the knots were covered by the healed scar. J will certainly not forget the screaming and kicking of the wall surgeon in Corfu hospital.

As she walks back from the hospital, she stops by a small balcony where a woman in black had shown her the directions to the hospital earlier. J stops and shows her hand without bandage. The lady invites her to have a Greek coffee. They cannot chat much due to the language barrier, but J shows her lovely host some pictures she has on her phone and in turn the woman shows her the pictures of her family as well as her small apartment. A nice encounter and warm welcome!

One does not always need to know the language to communicate

An early morning bus trip to Lefkas where we hope to find the carpet we have been looking for to replace the one that was originally on the boat.

Early morning activity in Lefkas
Lefkas Canal

Enjoying the morning
Town clock
Our new carpet - at last!