Passage: Rupert Bay, Dominica to Fort De France, Martinique

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 16 May 2008 21:00

16 May 2008

Position: 14:32.6805N 61:09.6856W

Crew: Frank Newton (Solo)

07.20 Departed Rupert Bay on donkey; beautiful morning, water as flat as a
millpond. Course steered 160 degrees T. DTG: 64nm to first WP off Fort De

10.00 Passing Roseau, Dominica's capital. I had planned to spend a week
looking over Dominica, based here but the severe delays suffered in
Guadeloupe with the various incomplete works and the need to go into
Marin, Martinique to get my VHF repaired incurring further delay have
sadly put paid to such plans. Everyone I speak to says its a great island
to visit with stunning unspoilt scenery and lovely people including
remnants of the original Carib people.

14.20 14:48.27N 061:16.57W Off NW tip of Martinique after a fresh motor
sail. Since being off Scott's head, Dominica winds have been SW 25kts so
too shy to sail only. SOG: 8kts. Now in lee of Martinique with just 5kts
of apparent wind on the nose and down to SOG of 6.9 kts.

17.15 14:33.48N 061:.03.38W Dropped anchor and FWE for the night in
anchorage at Ans Mitan across the water from Fort De France. In the
company of many other yachts here including quite a number of 'live
aboards'. Distance done: 70nm. Engine time: 8 hrs Generator time: 3 hrs

Stayed aboard and dined early after sundowners. Tomorrow it's an early
start round to Marin on Martiniques south coast to arrange the repair of
the VHF radio.