Howth, Eire

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 7 Jun 2011 10:26

53:23.41N 006:04.82W

Tuesday, 8th June 2011

Southampton to Isle of Man ( Day 6 )

Howth Marina

Weather: Overcast, cold and windy with showers.

L&R went into Dublin. M arrived. I got busy contacting various people to
come to address and hopefully repair various matters.

Batteries looked at by Joe. Got a quote for their replacement - £2,000

Nicky the B&G instrumentation man arrived to look at inoperative masthead
unit. Thinks he has necessary part ( vane )

Derek the Yanmar man came to attend to the ‘stop’ button. Problem
identified as connection relative to solenoid. Resolved.

Ate at nearby seafood restaurant where the wine proved to be extremely

Forecast is giving westerlies 5 to 6 for Irish Sea tomorrow ( Wednesday ).