Galaxidi, Ionian to Korfos, Aegean, with Corinth Canal Transit (58nm)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 19 Sep 2014 06:54

19 September 2014

37:55.110N  23:00.400E

Passage to Korfos in the Aegean via the Corinth Canal ( 58 nm )

Weather:  Fine.   Winds: NE mainly thermic at first. Strength: 2 to 3

Crew: Frank and Jackie.   Fuel: 485 litres Water:  1,000 litres Batteries: 100%

07:00 We departed Galaxidi town quay at what was first light. We followed out an Israeli yacht 'Alma' that had left at 06:30 h some 30 minutes ahead of us. They told us last night they were also headed for the Corinth leaving early a.m. We said we would also leave early at 07:00 hrs and it would be nice to have their company.

After clearing the harbour and its approaches, we set a course of 130 degrees which takes us straight across the Gulf of Corinth in a SE direction straight to the Corinth Canal entrance. 

We have just learned from BBC News on the net that the 'No's' won the day in the Scottish Referendum. Good news!

With a slight breeze, barely 30 degrees off the bow, we motor sail with the silouette of the Bavaria about 3 nm ahead of us where it remained for the whole of the passage.

With a distance to go of some 38 nm at an average speed of some 7 kts, we expect to be at the Canal entrance just after noon.

Bootlegger passes through the Corinth Canal

Our arrival at the west end of the Canal just after noon was well timed. No waiting round. We just motored straight up and straight into the Canal behind a very large Russian cat and the Israeli yacht 'Alma'.

The Canal is three miles long. It took the three of us around half hour to transit. Due to its narrowness and the currents running, the helming required much concentration, as one was frequently pushed towards one side of the Canal or the other.

We were greeted at the western end by a load of clapping and cheering tourists who lined the banks of the entrance by the sinking low level road bridge which yes, submerges to enable each transit to pass through.

We tie up by the Canal control tower and take on more fuel - 136 litres at €1.36 a litre!  After that we go to the control tower to pay our fee based on length which in our case at 15.88 m set us back € 320 !

After a drink ashore to celebrate  the successful transit and arrival in the Aegean we departed Corinth for the well protected anchorage of Korfos some 17 nm south.