Bequia to Mustique and account of our visit

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 22 Mar 2009 16:30
22 March 2009

12:52.60 N 61:11.36 W

Passage from Bequia to Mustique (13.6nm)

11.30 13:00.086N 61:14.727W Bequia. After some sleep weighed anchor
and headed out of Admiralty Bay. Rounding the SW tip of Bequia,
leaving Pigeon Island to Port, sailed southeast on a course of 127
degrees for Britannia Bay, Mustique, a distance of some 13.6nm.

13.40 12:52.60 61:11.36 Britannia Bay, Mustique. F.W.E. All 18 fixed
moorings were taken, mainly due to the main body of the World ARC boats
having just arrived en route back to St Lucia and the completion of their
world circumnavigation.

Only thing missing was a sign saying ‘Welcome to Paradise’ for there is no
other word to describe this place. A stunningly beautiful island. Larger
than I had imagined, everything is beautifully laid out and manicured from
one end of the island to the other by its owners, the Mustique Company.

On going ashore our first port of call for a late lunch was the famous
Basil’s waterside bar and restaurant, known for its live blues; a
wonderful spot which is one of the main hang out spots for some of the
island’s rich and famous and, in particular, Mick Jagger.

Spotting a 1997 ARC T shirt I wandered over and introduced myself to
Richard Keane and his wife as someone who had also done the ARC that year.
They are chartering a cat out of Marin, Martinique. Richard, a solicitor
from Marlborough, England, won the 1997 ARC (Atlantic Race for Cruisers)
by just 40 minutes in his Sadler 34.

Later we wandered up to the ‘Firefly’ another famous establishment and THE
place to go for the sunset. The obligatory G&T’s were served up in the
most comfortable and exquisite surroundings, part of what is a luxurious
five star hotel, restaurant and bar by Patrick, our most attentive barman
who is clearly very much a part of the bar's success. The anchorage and
surrounding hills, with their luxury homes descreetly nestled within them,
as viewed from the open sides of Firefly's bar was just stunning. Many
pics were taken of the view as the sun sank slowly in a blaze of gold into
the West.

We returned to Basil’s for a final drink and to hopefully chat with a few
of the World Arc people which I was able to do. They were of the view it
needed to be better co-ordinated by someone who is a sailor. View was the
Blue Water alternative is probably the best but it takes a different route
to the ARC returning up through the Red Sea. Either way they would all do
it again.

Went back to Bootlegger for dinner – lasagne washed down with Merlot.
Slept well.

Mon. 23 March 2009 Mustique. Awoke to bad news from home which had to be
immediately addressed.

Later we took an arranged tour of this beautiful manicured island – all
the thousands of acres of grass for example is maintained at lawn length.
We visited the famous Cotton House exclusive hotel that sits at the
water's edge in a quiet stunningly beautiful bay, where for example a
private mini villa c/w its own pool and patio will set you back US$40,000
a week. Just an amazing place.

We were then taken on a Beverly Hills type tour of the homes of the stars
which, in the case of Mustique include, apart from Jagger, the likes of
Shania Twain, Phil Collins, Brian Adams, David Bowie and Raquel Welch. The
Guinness family also have a place here as did Princess Margaret in her
day. The building of further homes is under way.

We stopped at the famous Macaroni Beach for a swim. Wow, what a beach! We
plunged into the wonderful warm turquoise waters that broke with a crash
on the long expanse of white soft sandy beach.

Returned to Basil’s for lunch after what was a most enjoyable tour. Later
returned to Bootlegger and prepared for our departure.

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