15/16 Mar. 225nm Passage from Basseterre, St Kitts to Marin, Martinique F.W.I. via it's Diamond Rock.

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 16 Mar 2009 17:30
Sunday 15 March 2009

14:26.50N 61:02.08

Passage from Basseterre, St Kitts to Marin Martinique – 225nm

14.00 17:17.516N 62:43.730W : After a good lie in departed Basseterre at
14.00 hrs
Set a course of 166 m degrees for SW tip of Martinique. Wind
E25kts SOG 7.6
Kts. In the company of a small cruise ship ‘Seaborne Legend’
doing similar
speed and course.

17.30 16:53.37N 62: 31.774W ‘Sea Legend’ now some 2. 5nm on Port beam
viewing Montserrat which is presently abeam of us. Wind: E 25 –
30 kts SOG
7.6 kts

20.00 16:39.63N 62:22.432W Wind: E 18/20kts SOG: 5 - 6kts DTG to
SW coast WP: 153nm. ‘Seaborne Legend’ still abeam of us. No
other ships

21.30 16:30.89N 62:17.57W Wind E25-30kts SOG: 7.6kts DTG to SW Martinique
WP: 143nm ‘Sea Legend’ now 4.3nm off our Port beam heading for

24.00 16:13.60N 62:07.983W Wind: E26kts SOG: 6.6kts Gen switched on
down to 23.4V.

02.45 15:58.54N 61:58.05W Wind dropped to 8kts; boat speed down to 4.8 kts;
genny and main now in and donkey on. Called up cruise ship
Summit’ which was closing from astern on converging course.
Agreed he
would leave us to Port. He was on course for Rosseau, Dominica.

03.45 15:54N 61:56W Sailing Wind picked up so rolled out jenny and main. Cut
engine. SOG: 7kts DTG to Diamond Rock , Martinique: 101nm.
Donkey off
after 1 hr’s run. Gen. off after 2.5 hrs run.

09.00 15:19.205N 61:38.369W Motor sailing. With winds down to 12kts.
SOG: 6 -7kts DTG to Diamond Rock, Martinique WP: 61.8 nm. No
for past four hours.

11.00 15:08.409N 61:31.7 48W Motor sailing. Weather: fine and sunny.
Wind: 25 –
30kts with large waves coming from SW direction. SOG: 8 –
8.2kts DTG to
Diamond Rock, Martinique WP: 49.24nm

14.00 14:44.875N 61:17.26W Motor sailing. Wind: E18kts SOG: 8.4kts ETA
Diamond Rock, Martinique: 17.00. Just had salad bap lunch.

17.15 14:26.50N 61:02.08 Passed Diamond Rock leaving it to Starboard.
TTG to anchorage appPassage rox. 2 hrs. Motoring with sails in on this
easterly course.

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