Preveza Town Marina, Greece 02 - 05 September

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 5 Sep 2014 21:38

02 to 05 September 2014

38:57.68N 20:45.42E.

We spent the week pottering and organising ourselves aboard Bootlegger in preparation for the journey south.

During our absence a new set of 8 batteries were supplied and fitted as the previous, just two years old, fitted in La Rochelle, were failing. They had only achieved some 20% of their expected lifespan. The replacement cost together with a new very expensive service kit for the Onan generator plus a new chain counter, including fitting, came to some 2,400 €. To this must now be added a new 24v 30 amp Sterling Charger to replace the existing Dolphin unit which is failing and which could have been a contributory factor to the batteries short life, cost 740€ plus fitting yet to be done, say 900€ in total - 3,300€ for the lot. The joys of being a boat owner.

Stefan Ulrich a German engineer living and working in Preveza with an excellent reputation carried out the works. He had done a good job and we would happily recommend him to anyone. A very competant and honest man who is always overloaded with work for this reason.

During the week we were pleased to see and greet our Swiss friend and lone sailor Andre, who arrived on Thursday from Lefkas to have work done by Stefan on his yacht. He joined us for dinner aboard which proved a most pleasant evening with good conversation.

The following morning (Friday, 5th) we moved out of the marina after filling the 1,000 litre water tank and settling up the 680€ charges for our six week period of stay, and crossed over to the town quay where we took on 322 litres of diesel to fill up our 600 litre capacity tank. At 1.40€ per litre that thus set us back 450.80€.

After visiting the Supermarket on our bikes - good to be on them again, and with our victuals suitably replenished, we were ready for the off.

We suppered out in the nearby Aroma Cafe where we had flat G&T's and a BLT ...