Passage: Marin, Martinique to Marigot Bay, St Lucia (with pic)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 21 May 2008 17:30
21 May 2008

Position: 13:58N 61.02W

Crew: Frank Newton (Solo)

After paying Marina dues and Diginav for radio repair and arranging return
of Cobra radio to Amel for credit, I cleared out with Customs and prepared
to leave.

11.45 14:26.0866N 60:53.97W Weather: Fine and sunny Wind: SSE 15 - 20 kts.
DTG 42nm.

Slipped mooring and after clearing channel set course of 209 degrees T for
Marigot bay, St Lucia.

Noon Sailing close reached SOG: 6 - 8 kts.

12.45: 13:58.39N 61:02.38W Wind SSE 15kts SOG 7.2kts. Wave height 1.5m.
Lovely day; great to be plain sailing again. Sighted just one other yacht
on the horizon coming out of Rodney Bay St Lucia.

15.45 14:01.89N 61:01.25W Running down St Lucian coast 3.6 nm of Marigot
Bay. Winds: SSE 12; SOG 6.0 kts.

16.20 13:58N 61.02W Arrived off Marigot Bay. Motored into inner harbour
having picked up water taxi man and mooring owner Jason who directed me to
a mooring, tying Bootlegger up to it. FWE. Had a beer with Jason before
tidying up boat. Passage time 4.5 hours Distance done: 33nm.

Plenty of water taxis about avoiding need to put tender in water. Lovely
spot. Took some sunset shots; see below.

Later went ashore by water taxi to a waterside bar restaurant called the
Chateau something. Met an ex-pat bunch including Brits, a Canadian,
Dutchman, a Norwegian and a Spaniard who regularly get together there for
sundowners. All have made St Lucia their home and none regretted it. Some
interesting stories were told. A good evening. All were envious I was
going down to Bequia which they all rated highly and where I must look up
Heidi's hotel.