Log: Passage - Rodney Bay, St Lucia to English Harbour, Antigua

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 23 Dec 2007 14:59
Position: 17:00.22N 61:45.52W

Date: 23 December 2007

Weather : Carribean Skies; Wind : Easterly 10 -14 kts Vis.: Good Seas: Mod.

Skipper: Frank Newton Crew: Eugene McMahon

08.30 (Local) 14.04N 60.58W Settled up with Marina , said goodbye to the
other ARC Amel owners, along with Gerry and Aselda who are doing the World
ARC (this heads off to Panama at the end of January when further
participants have joined them from the States etc after Christmas).

I paid of the w…..r who claimed to have cleaned my boat before slipping
our mooring in Rodney Bay Marina and heading out to sea for the 183 nm
passage to English Harbour, Antigua. The route plan is intended for a non
stop passage of around 26 hrs duration taking us past Martinique, Dominica
and Guadeloupe.

Genny, main and mizzen were set for a reach and we were soon making an
ave. SOG of 7.5 kts on a course of 352 degrees

11.30 14.28N 61.07W Abeam the dramatic Diamond Rock some three miles to
Starboard which commands the entrance to Fort de France, capital of

The rock was once captured by the Royal Navy during the Napolionic wars
who, landing at night, scaled it and then proceeded to hoist guns onto the
summit. They raised the British ensign and named it as a British Man’o War
! They were able to then blockade the French port preventing ships
entering or leaving, to the fury of the French who eventually re-captured
it – or did a deal with the British for its recovery.

Generator turned off (3hr run).

12.00 14.28N 61.09W Noon Position. Freezer turned off and cleaning
started on it.

14.30 Approaching northern tip of Martinique. Wind NNE 8kts; Engine
turned on (2200 Rev – 7kts)

15.00 14.46N 61.17W FN Watch (15 -18.00)

15.45 Wind strengthened and went to the East as we clear lee of Martinique
and enter Dominica Channel enabling engine to be turned off and all sails
set for close reach.

18.00 EMc Wa\tch

19.00 FN did dinner; curried beef casserole with rice/

19.30 Wind dropped to 6kts only doing 4.3 SOG being in lee of island of
Dominica. Engine put back on, SOG 7kts.

21.00 15.24N 61.33W. FN on Watch

23.00 Sighted what appeared to be a cruise liner off our Port quarter.
Checked AIS – Emerald Princess on passage to Antigua. Due 23 December.
Asked them for radio check. They confirmed had us on radar 12 miles away..

00.00 15.46N 61.41W COG 254 degrees. Been motor sailing at 8.0 SOG.in
17kts wind, true. Engine revs 1400. Engine switched off as wind picked up
( run time 4.5 hrs) Making 7.1 kts SOG on sail only now. Suspect once we
are in the lee of Guadeloupe we will be back to motor sailing.

02.00 Engine back on (2000 revs) giving 6 kts SOG. Wind 5 kts.

15.15 16.06N 61.54W. COG changed to 19 degrees. Motoring. Wind 7 kts SOG
6.3 kts

04.30 Cruise ship ‘Costa Atlantico passed to Port on passage north to St

06.30 Engine off. ( run time 4.5hrs).

11.30 Docked in Falmouth Harbour. Distance 183nm; duration of passage: 27
hrs; average speed for passage 7 kts.

Having checked out berth available in Nelson’s Dockyard, moved boat around
to English Harbour berthing stern to. FWE 13.15. After brief clean up
went up to Shirley Heights for the Sunday evening gathering and in the
hope of finding phoneless RT. Later found on his boat on the Slipway by

Pictured below: Bootlegger following her arrival at Nelson's Dockyard