Return to Bootlegger after six week Midsummer break

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 1 Sep 2014 22:28

Monday 01 September. 

After a two week delay in our return to Greece, we finally get away, paying a brief but pleasant visit to see Karl and Ellie in Buckinghamshire on the way. We flew out to Athens from Terminal 5 Heathrow on this morning's 06:45 BA flight.  From Athens City we take 13:45 bus to Preveza where we have left Bootlegger, a journey of some 500 Km. 
We arrive in Preveza six hours later - after one short pee break at the Corinth Canal, arriving in Preveza at 20:00 hrs. A long day. We find Bootlegger looking well and surprisingly clean after our six week absence. We sleep well.

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Karl and Ellie's home in Buckinghamshire that we 
briefly visited on our way back to Bootlegger

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Our bus passes over the Rion suspension bridge -
the largest of its kind, that spans the Gulf of Patras

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Checking our new mainsail purchased locally after our
return to Preveza. There is a curl at the top of the leech
that cannot be removed with the leech line tensioner
which is now to be addressed by suppliers Waypoint Sails