Fwd: Agios Nikolaos Crete to Kos, Greece - 142 nm

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 17 Jun 2015 06:46

15th June 2015

36:54N 27:17.4E

Passage Sent from my iPad

Crew: Frank and Andrew Webster

Weather fine and sunny. Wind NW 4-5

Fuel Tank: 360 litres

08:00 hrs 35:11N 25:43E Agios Nikolaos, NorthEast Crete. Slipped lines from berth and headed out from the marina into open sea setting a course of 30 degrees. 

09:00 hrs clearing the bay we pick up a nice fresh NW breeze and set all sails for close reaching, shutting down engine. We are soon making a SOG of some 6.8 kts with some 15 kts of wind. Wonderful sailing weather.



Noon Position: 35:34N 25:57E

13:30 Conditions remain largely as previously. Wind WNW. 15-20 kts. SOG: 7.2kts. Distance done: 37nm.  Andrew makes salad number three whilst aboard.

14:30 conditions, winds and speed as previously reported in last entry.. We pass Kentantsi Island, leaving it well to starboard.

17:00 36:03n 26:15E Passing Sofrana Island, 8 nm to the East of us. Wind NW 4. SOG 6.4 kts. COG: 31 Distance done: 60nm. DTG: 82.6 nm. ETA. 07.00 hrs.

19:00 36:15n 26:24E. Wind dropping, down to SOG 4.9 kts under sail only. Distance done:72.25nm. DTG: 72nm. Engine put on at 1500 rpm. Beautiful evening as it has been a beautiful day. F about to prepare dinner.

Dinner was prepared and eaten - chicken and veg stir fry. Consensus was very tasty. AW washed up. 



22:00. Coming into a NW to SE shipping lane with much traffic. FN takes first watch 10 - 12. Pass through the shipping lane without incident.

22:30 With now just 5 kts of wind and flappy sails they are all brought in and engine rpm increased from 1500 to 1800 rpm.

Midnight. Watch change, AW takes over.COG: 57 degrees.

01:00 36:39N 26:59E Krikelos Point. We pass this, the Southern most tip of the island of Kos.

02:00 36:42N 27:06E Watch handover to FN. 

02:30 Wind back - NNW 15kts. Put out main and headsail, turn engine off. SOG around 6kts.
ETA Kos town, 06:00 hrs.

03:00 Wind dropped to 3 kts so sails put away qand engine back on.

04:00 Watch changeover to AW.

05:00 Watch system finishes as we round top of the island and set course for Kos Town.

06:00 35:53N 27:36E  Kos Town Harbour. FWE.  After motoring for the remainder of the passage up the SE coastline of Kos we enter Kos harbour and berth stern to under the old Venetian fortress. Our passage time 22 hours. Average SOG 6.5kts. We tidy up the boat and wash down decks and hull. A truly wonderful sail and first major passage of the season.