Curacao to Tortola Day 1

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 17 Feb 2011 14:52

Bootlegger of Mann Log

Date 18 02 11

12:21N 068:17W

Spanish Water, Curacao, Dutch Antilles (12:88N 068:51W) to Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Crew: Cees de Jong; Paul Thijssen and Raenier Reuijle

Conditions Good. Wind Easterly 8kn; present engine hours: 1430

15:15 Departed Seru Boca Marina, Spanish Water

16:00 Hoisted red ensign

16:30 Rolled out mainsail after entering open sea. Wind dir. 100 degrees; set course at 40 degrees
to pass north of Bonaire. Wind 13 kn.

18:00 Rounded east point of Curacao. Wind shift, changed course to 009 degrees

21:00 12.25N 60.35W Course 122 degrees. Wind: Easterly 10 kts

24:00 hrs 12:21.03N 68:17 W. Seas flat

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