Bootlegger's Final Passage of 2009

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 27 Apr 2009 13:00

27 April 2009
10:40.937N 61:38.175W
14.00  F.W.E. At Peakes slip after arriving from nearby CrewsInn Marina for haul
out at Peakes Boatyard.
The haul out went without a hitch. the travel hoist took Bootlegger to an initial holding
place in the yard. She is due to be later put into a secure compound.
Boat hooked up with water and shore power. We slept aboard. I arranged for a hull
clean and wax by local character Tony (Indian Trinidadian) and for Bootlegger to be
shrink wrapped c/w a.c. unit. Also spoke to Peakes about gardienage.

The end of a cruise of some 1500nm that has taken Bootlegger as far north
as the Virgin Islands and back down through the Leeward, Windward and Spice
West Indies Islands to this, the most southerly of Caribbean islands along with a
visit to neighbouring Tobago on the way.
Its been good. Kevin has been a great companion and No 2 aboard. To be with
each other 24/7 and still be good friends at the end speaks volumes. I will miss his
company greatly.
I am deeply dissapointed that due to the illness requiring me to stay in reach of
medical facilities, we missed our narrow window to pass through the Canal in time to
reach Tahiti by the end of April as planned.
On the other hand it culd be argued that it's probably just as well we didnt get into the
Pacific which is much more difficult to get back from, given the previously unforseen
deepening economic crisis which calls for my return home as a matter of urgency to
address the needs of the business. It will require my close attention until things improve
 - the banking and finance sector in general being our primary source of business.
Given the above it is unlikely we will be able to pass through the Canal and into the
Pacific until such time as the economic situation has returned to something like normal.
Question is, do I keep Bootlegger in the Caribbean until then, or do I take her back
to Europe? At least back there I will be close to the business and able to regularly use her,
be it in home waters or back in the Med which is just a couple of hours away. I'm sure
the question will be answered over the coming months.