Taormina Isola Bella snorkeling day 24 August 2013

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 24 Aug 2013 11:14


Saturday 24

37:50.42N 15:16\ 82E Taormina anchorage

09:00 Picked up from Bootlegger by dive boat and go around to National Park protected waters in adjacent bay where we spend the morning , yes, you guessed it; snorkelling. Saw lots of small fish including parrot fish which J thought was unusual for this part of the world. J dived for and retrieved two small pieces of pottery from either a jar or bowl, one piece being part of a handle. Found a few feet apart we assume they are from the same piece of pottery.

Friendly mixed bunch on the dive boat from Sweden, Italy and Holland as well as ourselves.

After being returned to Bootlegger we have lunch before taking a siesta. Later we took the dinghy ashore where we had dinner which J treated  us to before picking up more provisions for our passage northeast to Gallipol, in the heel of Italy.