Rodney Bay, St Lucia to Marin, Martinique, French West Indies (FWI)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 13 Feb 2010 23:06

Bootlegger of Mann Log


Date 13 02 10  


14:28.00N 60:52.16W


Rodney Bay, St Lucia to Marin, Martinique (25nm )


Caribbean Weather: Fine and sunny. Wind: E 15 - 19kts


Crew: FN / KB / MH


08.30: 14:04.46N 60:57W  Slipped marina pontoon berth and headed around

to fuel dock where we filled up tank with 29.5 gallons of diesel before

heading out through the cut into Rodney Bay and on into the open sea.

CSE: 38 degrees T.


It had been my intention to sail straight for Le Saintes ( Guadeloupe islands)

a distance of some 115 nm whichI anticipated reaching around 06:00 hrs on

Sunday morning after a day and night sail. On hearing that Guadeloupe and

Antigua have been covered in volcanic dust from the currently active Montserrat

volcano I have decided to revise the sail plan and instead initially head over to the

French port of Marin in Martinique to establish just what the current situation is.


Had a nice sail over, close reached with all sail out. SOG averaged 7.0kts


13:30 F.W.E. 14:28.N 60:52.16W. Marin anchorage. It is our hope that we

can get a berth in the marina but will not know from Marina until after 16.30hrs


16:30 Moved into marina berth.


Went off to clear boat in with customs and immigration  only to find office only

open between 07:00 – 12:30 hrs.


The boys went off  to do some shopping.


Learned that volcanic dust cloud was now moving NW from Monserrat away from

our route to Guadeloupe and Antigua. Apparently boats have been covered in ash in Jolly Harbour, Antigua, our ultimate destination.


After connecting electric shore supply and water, I washed down deck, hull, ports

and brightwork to remove sea water salt.


21:30 After sundowners we went for a  second sitting meal at the nearby old favourite –

the Ta Togues French restaurant where the food is excellent in quality and presentation.

Found the same friendly staff  there including ‘Rene’ –  our waiter for the evening

who I always seem to get and who always reminds me of the Allo Allo star as

he talks just like him. Dinner conversation heavily political.
My plan is to now head for the Le Saintes  (south of Guadeloupe) tomorrow, a distance
of around 115nm After clearing customs and immigration etc. Probably leave around
10 – 11.00 hrs.
Having problems transferring pics to this site so please be patient - I have them..


15:30 Battery reading: 22.4v.


Engine: 1.5 hrs Generator: