Marin, Martinique, FWI to Rupert Bay, Dominica, (103 nm

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 14 Feb 2010 19:01

Bootlegger of Mann Log


Date 14 02 10  


15:34.82N 61:28W


Marin, Martinique, FWI  to Rupert Bay, Dominica, (103 nm)


Caribbean skies and no significant Weather: Fine and sunny. Wind: E 17 - 22kts


Crew: FN / KB / MH


14:28.N 60:52.16W Marin Marina. Cleared Customs and Immigration

and paid for our marina berth at the Capitainerie. At Roger’s insistence

Kevin picked up a new toilet seat for the crew heads which, it appears,

has been broken for some time.


11:30 Slipped marina pontoon berth and departed down buoyed channel

to the open sea.


Motor sailed for 8.75 nm to Diamond Rock on a due west course,


13:30 Arrived Diamond Rock leaving it to Port.


After rounding south west tip of Martinique set a course of 350 degrees

which would take us up the west coast of  Martinique and later Dominica.

Winds shifted to SSE so found ourselves on an unusual run up the coast in

a rough confused sea.


17:00 Cut engine after 6 hrs motor sailing. All sails out as winds back to SE

17kts; SOG 8.5 to 9kts


19:00  15:06.26N 61:25.21W Battery reading: 24.8v. Roger has retired to his

bunk for a sleep as the boat is closed down for night sailing. Radar and navigation

lights ( tri-light) are now on and chart plotter and other instrumentation

lights dimmed to aid night vision. CSE : 347 degrees. Kevin currently up on watch

with the requisite life jacket on and lifeline attached to the helmsman’s seat as I make

the log entries.


Approaching Rosseau, Dominica’s capital which is brightly lit.


20:00 Called up Rosseau bound ferry = ‘Silver Express’ coming up from

Marinique for a radar check. Confirmed he had us on his radar.


20:15 FN Watch. Wind instrument inoperative, so can only guess wind

speed which is in the East now and progressively dropping. Now down to a

S.O.G. of just 2.5 to 3kts.


21:45 13:20N 61:29W Sighted starboard light off port quarter; vessel also

showing on radar 2 miles to the SW of us. Also vessel showing 4.25 nm to the SE.

Assume these both to be the two yachts sighted several miles astern of us earlier

But who are now due to the light airs motor sailing and catching us up.


Plan is to go into Rupert Bay, Dominica and drop the anchor for a few hours.

Otherwise we will arrive at Le Saintes in darkness. They are not the easiest islands

to navigate.


22:00 15:20N 61:29W Wind dropped to nothing so put engine on. Put Kevin on

shake to relieve me on Watch. Reported to him the presence of the other two yachts.

Kevin has the con.


Snatched an hour and returned to cockpit. Set course for Portsmouth anchorage,

Rupert Bay, Dominica which will give us a restful night before setting off for

Le Saintes tomorrow morning.


01:00 15:34.82N 61:28W F.W.E. Portsmouth anchorage, Dominica. A lot of boats

in here. Was quite tricky weaving amongst them, many unlit, in the blackness of

the night. Would have been worse had it not been for ‘Annica’ a huge super yacht

which is lit up like a Christmas tree.


Battery reading: 25.6v.


Engine: 4.5 hrs  Generator: Nil hours