ARC Log Day 5

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 30 Nov 2007 16:46



Day Five


00.01  23.22N 22.39W   ( 21-00 – 00.00 Watch Report ) Bearing 258 degrees;

           wind true 15 – 18kts, SOG 6kts. Heavy cloud came earlier before the watch

           start to eclipse the moonlight which  reappeared around 23.10. Shortened

           sail and adjusted the downhaul and aft stay on the Port side pole. The lines

           were slack and moving around too much. Lost sight of other ARC vessel

           to Starboard at 22.30 then got visual again at midnight. E.Mc


0300   23.07N 23.12W ( 00.00 – 03.00 Watch Report ) COG 255 degrees Wind

           light giving SOG of just 5 – 6kts. Now have just one boat as company off

           Starboard quarter. Distance covered in Watch 15.1nm.  RT


06.00  23.07N 23.12W ( 03.00 - 06.00 Watch Report ) Wind speed 12kts Bearig 255

           One boat astern showing white masthead light.. Distance covered in Watch

           was 18.3nm giving a 6.1 nm p/hr average. MS


08.30  Wind ENE 10-15 kts resulted in SOG of 5-7kts. Clock and battery check

            Latter down to 22.8V.  Switched on generator , we then switched on both  FN

            battery chargers, water maker and hot water.  FN


09.00   The forecast for our area (Yasmin) as received from the ARC office by e-mail

            is winds 20-25kts, waves 6-8 ft with occasional showers. Mike did his old

            faithful, porridge for breakfast which we ate out in the already warm sun

            shine.  FN


10.30   Generator switched off (2hr run) Batteries since showing 25.8V.    FN      


11.00   Everyone starts to go about their daily activities – Ray sits basking in the sun sewing

            up a toweling headband for the hot days ahead, Eugene occasionally keeps his eye

            on our fishing line as he gets deeper into Frederick Forsythe’s ‘The Afghan’. Mike

            meanwhile is down below is trying to reduce digital pics using various software

            in the hope we can maybe send some pics to the blog sites. I continue to spend

            my time here at my laptop on the Nav table either entering the log information,

            sending receiving ARC related e-mails or listening / transmitting on the SSB to

            other vessels.


12.00   22.49N  23.46W Noon position taken. FN


12.04   E-mailed ARC control with 12.00 hrs position. having been unable to get thru

            until now FN   


12.15   Power re-instated to mast furling motor. Found tripped MCB in Port side forward

            cabin  FN


14.00   Daily roll call on ARC C4. Position given for relaying to Cowes as back up to

            e-mail. FN


14.45   Wind changed to enable us to resume course to bearing 251 being the 20.00N

            30.00W waypoint which appears from radio traffic to be gaining in popularity

            as an option. FN


15.40   Further wind backing forced us onto a course of 269 degrees which necessitated

            us dropping ballooner and bringing out main and mizzen putting us on a broad

            reach. Clock and batteries checked. Latter indicated down to 22.5v.  FN



18.00   22.35N 24.14W   True wind speed, 13kts. SOG 5.5 - 6.3kts  Cook Ray started to

            prepare the evening dinner of pate starter followed by a main course, hot pot

            topped by an excellent pastry crust followed by chocolate orange sponge

            pudding.  Eugene spotted the fishing line moving and hey, we caught us a Dorade.

            It was landed, gutted and popped into the fridge for tomorrow’s dinner. FN


18.30   Generator started ; hot water, battery chargers put on.


19.31  DSC Alert received from yacht Talulah (#27) which had been boarded by illegal

           immigrants. They overpowered the guys and the Spanish are sending a boat to

           take them off.


21.00  22.28N 24.50W Watch change 21 – 00 FN/ 00 – 03 EMc / 03-06 RT/ 06-09 MS

           ENE True wind speed 14kts, having to still sail the wind 4 degrees

           off course with COG 254 degrees SOG 6.5kts. FN



21.45  Generator switched off. (3.75 h rs).  Lone yacht abreast of us to Port  FN



00.00  22.23N 24.54W Distance done over past twenty four hours -145 nm.







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