Passage from Soufriere to Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 21 Mar 2009 17:40
Bootlegger Log
17 March 2009
14:06.47N  60:58.43W
As it was several hours sailing to the next port I decided to retrace our steps back up the coast
of St Lucia to Rodney Bay at the top some 18nm away to ensure Kevin got to see his
game. Being a tourist resort assumed we would find a hotel or sports bar showing the game.

Following our arrival, anchoring up in Rodney Bay and trip ashore in the tender we could find
nowhere to watch the game. In the end we listened to it via a WiFi link on Kevin’s computer in
the Lime Bar opposite the Royal St Lucia Hotel. Ireland won a hard fought game when in the
closing minute O’Gara scored with a drop kick goal securing the game, the Championship
and the Triple Crown for Ireland. Kevin was a happy man and to prove it bought the drinks and
two burgers !!!! A good day for Ireland!