Day 12/13 At Sea

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 23 May 2011 01:46


49:46N 004:20W

Monday 23 May 2011


07:30 Awoke.


Weather still grey and miserable and still with a roll on with the large swell and rough seas ( est. Force 6 ) S.O.G. 18.6 kt.


Picked up washing and put through the dryer


10:05 Sight two fishing boats off our starboard beam.


10:40 Went up to Bridge. Chatted with watchman ( Richard ) who advised he had 41 ships showing on the AIS. He further  who reported that he’d heard radio report that Obama in Ireland hot foot after the Queen’s visit last week.


Noon Position: 49:46N 004:20W  !35 nm to Pilot pick up position in Solent SE of Southampton Water. S.O.G. reduced to 16kn as advised Pilot pick up delayed to 23:30

due to deep draft bulk carrier in our designated berth missed tide and has to wait for the next one which will delay our docking by 3 hours. 


Sight a fleet supply vessel on parallel course some six miles off our Port beam.


14:45 Still no phone signal 30 nm off English coast.


18:15 Received answer back from M on Instant Messenger.

Good to hear from her and to have contact again.


Land sighted with the lifting of the mist.


21.30 We killing time off the Isle of Wight by going up and down the coast.


23:30 Pilot boarded. Now on course for Southampton.


02:10 Alongside dock and F.W.E. 


02;20 Time for bed. A successful passage.