From Erikoussa Isl. to Ag. Stefanos, Corfu Isl. - 5 September 2013

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 5 Sep 2013 15:34

39:45.97N 19:56.97E

Thursday 5th September

Erikoussa to Ag. Stefanos, Corfu

09:00 39:52.65N 19:35.022E Erikoussa Bay: Lifted anchor and, in the company of Birgitta set off to Corfu on a course of 100 degrees toward the north channel with Albania some 24nm distant.. Plan is to sail to the bay of Ag. Stefanos  The little wind there is on the nose so  we motor sail at 1800 rpm.

Birgitta in the wake of Bootlegger as we tack down to Corfu

10:30 The wind has freshened to 20 kts; Murray calls on the VHF radio to advise that they plan to use the good winds we’re experiencing to sail, leaving the present course and tacking off to the north.

11:00 39:50.74N 19:51.59E Taking Birgitta’s lead we sail the boat rather than following our required course, turning off the donkey and tacking, initially on a course of 45 degrees. Good to be sailing again.

During the following hour or so we take photos of each other’s boats with a view to exchanging pics via memory sticks later.

Bootlegger off the Albanian coast

13:00 Having tacked up close to the Albanian coast enjoying good sailing we revert to motor sailing in order to head to our first anchorage –  Stephanos Bay, Corfu.

14;;30 39:45.97N 19:56.97E Stefanos Bay. We anchor into mud in 6m of water in this small, picturesque but fairly crowded bay, that offers us excellent shelter from the NW winds.  Ashore we note several well patronised tavernas shops and a couple of mini markets.

Birgitta arrives some time later having continued to sail only, tacking down the channel between the island and the Albanian coastline to Stefanos. 

After a swim and siesta we all go ashore for a very pleasant meal at a quayside restaurant.

Anchored in St Stefanos, Corfu