Passage: Portsmouth, Dominica to Grande Anse. Ille des Saintes, off southern Guadeloupe

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 30 Jan 2009 19:04
Bootlegger Log
Friday 300109

Position: 15:51.235N 61:37.24W

Crew: FN/KN/KB

Passage: Portsmouth, Dominica to Grande Anse. Ille des Saintes, Guadeloupe

15:34.881N 61:27.923 Weather: Grey; low rain cloud sitting on hills, mist
with light showers. Wind: E 10kts DTG to Ille des Saintes SW entrance WP:

08.30 Weighed anchor and with Karl doing Watch for the passage motored out
of bay setting a course of 350 degrees for Ille des Saintes. After
clearing northern tip of Dominica we got more wind allowing sails to be
filled and engine cut. Soon reached speeds up to 8.6kts as we rolled
through the Atlantic swell.

11.10 FWE after dropping hook in quiet bay on the western island of Terre
d’en Bas
below the ferry port bay. We all had a swim.

12.40 15:52.196N 61:35.127 Moved off anchorage and made our way around to
Bourg dropping anchor north of the ferry dock. I prepared salad lunch and
Karl went in water to retrieve a boat key dropped earlier in 4 metres of
water and found it!

Visted by Wolfgang and Ellen from Abora who are just here overnight. They
head up to Pointe a Pitre in the morning to see Amel for various works
including the heads!
We caught up with all the news’s on both sides. It was good to see them.