Bootlegger Blog - ARC Log Day 11

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 6 Dec 2007 01:24



Bootlegger of Mann  


2007 ARC Log     


Date 05 12.07


Day Eleven


00.01   17.22N 37.57W Bearing 275 degrees; E wind true 15 - 17kts,

            SOG 6.5 – 7.5kts.


01.00   Caught up with some emailing and sent out logs to ARC and

             Mailasail blog sites


01.30   Wind speed 18kts SOG 7.0 – 8kts.  FN


02.00   Wind speed down to 14kts SOG 6kts. No other vessels sighted   FN



03.00   17.18N 38.45W  COG 276 degrees True wind speed E 16 - 18kts

             SOG 6-8 kts. 1,450 miles to go.  FN


05.17   Generator turned on – voltage having dropped below 23V EMc


06.00   17.15N 38.39W Course steered 273, Bearing 278; COG 278 degrees

            Wind E 15kts SOG 6kts 1301nm to St Lucia  EMc


06.30   Wind E 15kts Course steered 275 COG 280 degrees SOG 6.6-7.0kts

            Generator running.


07.30    17.13N 38.48W Generator turned off (2hrs 13mins run time)


09.00    17.12N 38.58W  Wind True NE 15kts SOG 6.5kts Course steered 275

             COG 280. No sightings during Watch. RT


09.16    Clock and battery check; batteries 25.5V. winds 5-8 kts FN


10.05    Dolphin sighted ahead leaping out of water up to fifteen feet – did so

             several times before disappearing under the waves. Bernadette a 

             yacht in our vicinity reported  a visit from a 30’ +  minke

             whale that played around the boat like a dolphin – in the bow

             wave, ducking under the boat. FN


11.40    Spoke with John on Bernadette on the radio who advised they

             been re-visited by their whale again this morning! They flying kite on a

             bearing of 260 at present some 30 miles NE of us. FN


12.00    Noon position 17.08N 39.19W.  COG 2 degrees. Cloudy with

             occasional squalls coming through. Cooler today with the cold front

             we are experiencing.  FN


13.30    Sent position report to Cowes. FN


14.00    17.17N 35.09W. Daily SSB Roll Call.  FN


14.30    Tanker bound for Lagos, Nigeria was heard on VHF talking to a yacht.

             It passed us without visual sighting sailing due East.


16.00    True wind speed ENE 16-17kts. SOG 6.5kts. Still goose winging. FN


17.00   17.04N 39.52W Clock and Battery check – latter down to  22.8V

            Turned on generator and ran battery chargers, hot water, watermaker. FN


19.30   Spoke with Bernadette on VHF. She advised close by off our starboard

            beam. This was confirmed when we sighted her Port light. Skipper John

            said the were on a reach and on a bearing of 235 degrees which would

            take her across our bows. They had again sighted the minke whale which

            had kept them company for a while. They had sent pics off using a

            programme that compressed them right down to be accepted thru

            Iridium/Mailasail. Sadly we don’t have it.  FN.


20.00   Dinner : sausages (chickenburger meat wrapped in Palma ham) with

            Duchess potatoes. Followed by one of Eugene’s special homemade

            steam puddings with orange and chocolate sauce. Excellent!


21.00  Watches for next two nights: 21 – 00 MS/ 00 – 03FN / 03-06 EMc

            / 06-09 RT 


21.30   Generator turned off (2.5 hrs) True wind speed 16kts, Bearing 278 degrees

            SOG 6 – 6.5kts. MS


22.00  17.00N 40.27W COG 278 wind true NE 18kts, SOG 7.5 kts; all sails

            out, goose winging. Bernadette slowly pulling away from us to Port      

            Otherwise nothing else sighted and no incidents during Watch  MS


00.00  16.53N 40.42W  Distance covered over past twenty four hours: -  163nm  MS