Passage: Tyrell Bay to Hillsborough, Carriacou ( to clear out ) and on to Clifton, Union Island

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Thu 4 Feb 2010 15:00

Bootlegger of Mann  Log


Date 050210  


12:29N 61:27W


Passage: Tyrell Bay to Hillsborough, Carriacou ( to clear out ) and on to Union Island


Weather: Fine and sunny. Wind: E  Grenada Independence Day

07.00 hrs Ran generator as battery voltage down to 23.5 v

08.05 Still awaiting Simon with the oysters, bread and ice. Might have to go without.

Plan is to sail around to Hillsborough to check out. This we were unable to do in

St Georges yesterday as Immigration and Customs remained closed. As both islands

come under the same administration it doesn’t matter which you check in or out of.

09.00 12:27N 61:29W Departed Tyrell Bay for Hillsborough.  Simon and the oysters,

bread and ice never arrived. Pleasant morning motor around to Hillsborough.

10:00 12:29N 61:27W Arrived Hillsborough. F.W.E. On anchor just off pier.

10:15 Went ashore in tender. Cleared out in Immigration and Customs. Went to

Western Union to do some e-mailing. Got some more provisions. Returned to boat.

Just missed military band led Independence Day carnival procession through

Hillsborough’s main street which we witnessed from the boat as we were leaving


12:45 12:29N 61:27W Lifted anchor and set sail for Clifton, Union Island some 7 nm

away to the NW. Battery Voltage 24.6v


Beautiful sail over; all three sails out. Wind E16-17 kts SOG 6 - 6.5kts


14:00 12:35N 61:25W FWE. On mooring, Clifton Bay, Union Island. Mooring guy tried to charge

EC$80 for what is generally recognized as a EC$30 charge. Finally reluctantly agreed

EC$50. Gorgeous spot. Turquoise water.

Plan to go ashore to the Anchorage Yacht Club for a drink but to rfeturn to the boat to eat aboard