Passage: Grande Anse, Martinique to Salisbury anchorage, Dominica

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 28 Jan 2009 19:45
Bootlegger Log
Wednesday 280109:

Position: 15:25.94N 61:26.26W

Passage: Grande Anse, Martinique to Salisbury anchorage, Dominica.

Crew FN / KN / KB

14:30.217N 61:05.185. Grande Anse, Martinique. Weather: Sunny with
occasional showers. Wind: E10kts Sea state: moderate DTG: 58.3m

07.30 Left anchorage. Noted Aquilla, an Oyster of RHKYC anchored nearby.
FN/KN on Watch

09.00 . 14:38.212N 061:11.50W. Sailing, full main and partly furled genny.
Wind: E 18kts gusting to 25kts. SOG: 7-8kts CSE 354 degrees; DTG 41.8 nm
KN/FN on Watch.

12.00: 14:57.818N 61:19.87W Sailing, reefed headsail and main. Wind E –NE
25-35kts S.O.G. 8.00 -8.5kts DTG: 20.5nm TTG: 2.40 hrs CSE 3 degrees
KN/KB on Watch,.

15.30 15:20.51N 61:26W Motor sailing. SOG: 7.2kts CSE: 7 degrees. Back in
the lee of the land and out of the rough seas and 30+kt winds since
reaching Dominica’s southernmost point, Scott Head. Decided to sail on
past Roseau in view of no of visiting cruise ships sighted (4). Now headed
for Salisbury anchorage further to the north, halfway up the island.

16.30 hrs 15:25.94N 61:26.26W. FWE. Having experienced winds of 35 kts,
gusting to 40kts from around 15.30, rolled in main and left handkerchief
of headsail up as we headed for here from some three nm offshore,
experiencing 40+ kt gusts throughout. Other yachts on anchorage all on
fixed moorings. Distance done: 60.2 nm. Engine: 4 .3 hrs.
Generator: 3 hrs. Kevin cooked a dinner of garlic laced chicken fillets,
roast potatoes and carrots which went down well and was appreciated by