ARC Log Day 3

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 28 Nov 2007 14:07
Bootlegger of  Mann
ARC 2007 Log


Date 27 11 07


Day Three


00.01  25.44N 18.01W  With twin headsail rig, sailing the boat to the wind, so course

           change necessary to south as wind moves to north. Wind around 12 kts with

           5-7 kt boat speed.  RT


0300   25 34N  18 46W COG 240 degrees Wind 10 – 15 kts SOG 5 -7, endeavouring

           to get back on track as we continue on southerly course. Hard on wind with

           ballooner. Adverse current of between .6 - .8 of a knot affecting SOG.

           Boat 4 miles off port beam with another behind and one in front.  RT


04.00  Problem of keeping ballooner filled continues, course being

           adjusted even further to the south to 225 degrees with ballooner still flogging.

           SOG 4 – 7 kts with wind speed of 9 – 15kts. Overhauled yacht to Port and

           second boat crossed astern heading in SSW direction.  MS


06.00  25 26N 18 25W Clock and Batteries checked. Latter showing 22.8v.  FN


07.30  Generator started. Sail change. Ballooner taken in and main and mizzen

           staysail put up to join genoa with a course change to 260 degrees on a broad

           reach. FN


09.30  Generator turned off ( 2.0 hrs). Mike did another grand job with porridge. FN


12.00   25 09N 19 04W Noon position taken. FN


12.39   E-mailed ARC control with 12.00 hrs position.  FN   


14.00   Daily roll call on ARC C4. Position given for relaying to Cowes as back up to

            e-mail. FN


14.45   Wind changed to enable us to resume course to bearing 251 being the 20.00N

            30.00W waypoint which appears from radio traffic to be gaining in popularity

            as an option. FN


15.40   Further wind backing forced us back towards south to a course of 239 degrees.

            Clock and batteries checked. Latter indicated down to 22.5v.  FN


16.30  Generator started. Water maker, hot water, battery charger all put on. 

           Watermaker produces 50 literes p/hr which should almost replace tank water

           Consumed since departing Las Palmas. Winds presently 12 -15 kts ENE; SOG

           6 -7kts.  Cook Ray started to prepare the evening dinner. FN


17.00  24 54N 19 35W. Wind remains 12-15kts ENE, boat speed 7 kts. Two boats

           ahead slowly pulling away from us. FN


17.45  Had dinner, meat pasta bolognaise washed down by red wine (yes, risked the

           spilling of) followed by homemade syrup sponge pudding. Wonderful!

           Watermaker switched off at 18.15 hrs having topped up tank. FN


18.45  Generator switched off. (2.75 hrs).  FN


21.00  24.42N 1959W  ENE True wind speed 10 – 15kts, COG 250 degrees SOG

           5 -7kts. Sighted three boats to starboard and one to Port.  EMc


00.00  24.31N 20.18W  Distance done over past twenty four hours –  148 nm.