English Harbour, Antigua, W.I. to Bonaire, Dutch Antilles, Day 3

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 4 May 2010 20:31
Bootlegger of Mann

12:42N 67.21W

01 05 10

Passage: English Harbour, Antigua, W.I. to Curacao, via Bonaire,
Netherlands Antilles – Day 3

DAY 3 ( Sat. 010510 )

00:00: 14:29N 65.05.51W Watch changeover from KN to FN. Nothing to
report. Gen.switched off (5hrs run time).

02.30 14:18.25N 65:17.25W Just had our first squall go through. Put main
away for the duration as wind pickedup consideranly from 18kts to 28kts.
SOG 7.2 kts, CSE 240 degrees. Distance done 260 nm.

02.50 Wind dropped to SE 10 kts; SOG 6.3kts, CSE: 242 degrees, DTG: 217 nm

04.30 Watch changeover from FN to KN

04:45 Wind dropped further; doing barely 4 kts;engine turned on

04.50 AIS sighting of vessel 'Pirana' ( SOG 13.3;COG: 150 degrees; bearing
2degrees; Distance away 20 nm)

05.15: Wind picked up as we go into edge of a squall; engine turned off. (
engine run time 1 hour)

06:15 School of dolphins join us to play off our bow wave. Took some video

08.30 Watchkeeping ends

09:30 13:48.20N 65:54W Wind SE 16kts; SOG: 7.4 kts; CSE: 247 degrees;
Dist. done 307.9 nm DTG:171.9 nm.ETA to first Bonaire WP based on present
boat speed 08:30 hrs Sunday.

09.45 Voltage reading: 24.3v. Gen. turned on.

Noon : 13:37. 892N 66:09.536W Weather: Continues fine; partial cloud
cover. Wind SE 14 kts SOG: 7 - 7.6kts Dist. done: 326.4 nm DTG: 153.6 nm
CSE: 243 degrees Brg: 253 degrees. Been unable to send e-mail and blog
reports due to ISP problem.

Karl catching up on much needed lost sleep in forecabin.

12.45 Gen. turned off. ( run time: 3 hrs )

14.30 13:37.892N 66:09.536W Wind: SE 14kts SOG: 7 kts CSE 240 degrees
Dist.done:343.6nm DTG to first Bonaire WP: 136.4 nm.

Ave. dist . sailled per 24 hr day since departure: 172nm p/day
Average speed for same period to now: 7.16 kts p/hr.

15:00 Picked up first Venezuelan radio station - Rumberra, playing guess
what music. Yup, Rumba.

15:30 13:22.995N 66:29.328W Two sightings of vessels off starboard beam;
one visable the other seen on AIS and identified as 'Ermis' (SOG: 13.3
kts; COG 304 degrees; Bearing 267).

18.10 13:11.099N 66:44.390W Wind: SE14 kts SOG: 7.5 - 7.8 kts CSE 240
degrees; DTG:111.5 nm

20:00 After defrosting some chicken breasts FN did a chicken stir fry.
Lost a glass and an Amel tray both smashed in the severe rolling we are

21:00 12:57.72N 67.00W Wind ESE 10 - 12 kts; SOG 7.4 to 7.7 kts; CSE240
degrees DTG 91.19nm

21:05 Vessel sighted on AIS some 17 nm off our port beam. He is doing
twice our speed. At 15kts he will pass
well ahead assuming his speed is maintained.

Our last night at sea. We expect to be tied up in a Bonaire marina by noon
tomorrow ( Sunday ).