Porto Palo di Menfi to Sciacca

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 13 Jul 2013 11:38


37:34.442N 13:04.59E

Saturday 13 July

37:34.45N 12:54.3E Porto Palo anchorage to Sciacca, Sicily (15nm) 

Weather and sea state: Little or no wind; calm. Fine day with clear skies but with haze. 

06:15 Raised anchor. No wind. Motored ten miles east to the port of Sciacca.

07:30 37:34.442N 13:04.59E Arrived fuel dock in port of Sciacca. Since departing Bonifacio we have consumed 212L of diesel with engine and generator. Our tank currently holds exactly 388 L of fuel. We take on 212L of fuel at €362.50. Price 1.71 p/l compared with 1.45 € p/l in France. J checks out the marina berth rate. It is 50 € p/night including water and electric. We take it.

The fishing harbour of Arbatax in the embrace of the outer breakwater


It is a steep way up into town