Mon. 09 – Thur. 12 February 2009: Road Town, Tortolla, BVI (with pic)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 14 Feb 2009 20:27
Monday 09 – Saturday 14 February 2009: Road Town, Tortolla, BVI

18:25.445N 64:36.814W

We spent three nights in Village Cay Marina during which time we had
the forward heads repaired and endeavoured to get the Interphase unit,
wind direction indicator and VHF radio repaired without success.

Whilst sat having an early evening beer with Kevin at an outside table
at the Marina bar spotted Paul Dougherty, a lawyer friend from the
Isle of Man and his wife who, it turned out, overheard me talking at
the same time, recognising the voice. Amazingly I had met the couple
some four weeks previous back in the IoM and Paul had jokingly said
'Oh I'm off to the Caribbean soon; see you there !!! Amazing.

After greetings and introductions we had a beer together. They advised
they were off to St Kitts the following day.

On Monday morning they came around before leaving to view Bootlegger
when we took the opportunity to take the now standard stern photo for
the album.

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