Simpson Bay, St Maarten (Dutch Antilles)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 13 Jan 2008 14:00
11 - 13 January 2008

Position: 18:01 63.05W

Friday 11 January: Went ashore late morning and Cleared In. I descovered
they even charge you here for being as I am out at anchor out in the bay!

Spent rest of day shopping, provisioning and taking in Budget Marine and
Island Water World chandelries, hunting for and buying, where available,
various items including my defence against possible pirate boardings - two
flare pistols and lots of cartridges....

Dined ashore at the Soggy Dollar. The bar is frequented by super yacht
crews and got pretty lively and noisy as the evening progressed hastening
my departure back to Bootlegger.

Saturday 12 January: Left the boat late morning and went ashore. Took a
cab ride around the island taking in the northern French half which is
much quieter than the Dutch administered south. My ageing driver was very
friendly and informative giving me a run down on all the places of
interest we passed.

Back in Simpson Bay I later went to the yacht club. It is superbly
positioned overlooking the bridge over the lagoon entrance and as such
provides an excellent vantage point to view incoming and outgoing yachts
at bridge lift time. Met a few interesting people and later dined there.

Sunday 13 January: In the morning I took the tender over to Shrimpy's Bar
in the lagoon where a Flee Market is held every Sunday morning for
yachties looking to dispose of items of gear. A great meeting point for
yachties where many stories are enthusiastically exchanged. Again I met
some interesting people.

Pictures below: St Maarten Yacht Club, Simpson Bay and the author pictured
during island tour.