Falmouth to Kilmore Quay, Eire

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 5 Jun 2011 09:33


49:58.47N 005:23W

Saturday 4 June 2011

Southampton to Isle of Man ( Day 3 )

Passage : Falmouth to Kilmore Quay, Eire - 180nm

Fine and sunny. No cloud. Wind NE 8.0 kt Good vis. Fuel in tank: 450 litres

10:00 50:09.506N 005:04W Falmouth Harbour mooring. Decided to depart for
Ireland today At noon as apart from anything else unable to get water

11:40 Slipped mooring.

Noon Position: 50:08.112N 005:01W Departed Falmouth Harbour surrounded by
many spectator or competing yachts doing the annual Falmouth/Azores/
Falmouth race.

CSE: 187 S.O.G. 8.4 kt. Motor sailing due to lack of wind. Lovely day.

14:00 49:58.47N 005:23W Changed course to 294 degrees for Lands End with
10 degrees built in for tidal drift south.