Arrival off Marin, Martinique, F.W.I. on completion of 225 nm Passage from St Kitts

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 16 Mar 2009 22:00
Bootlegger Log

Monday 16 March 2009

14:26.29N 60:53.103W

19.00 14:26.29N 60:53.103W F.W.E. Arrived in darkness at St Anne Bay's
crouded anchorage. just outside Marin, Martinique managing after some
difficulty to pick up a buoy.

Tuesday 17 –Friday 20 March 2009 Marin Marina, Martinique

170309 14:26.29N 60:53.103W. 07.30hrs Weighed anchor and moved slowly
up channel in a bad squall to Marina fuel dock from where we secured
berth at the cost of a diesel and water fill up. Called into Diginav
at 09.00hrs to see when they would attend boat. Owner Jaques promises
by lunchtime. He did not show until late Thursday afternoon after his
junior Alex had been unable to rectify Forward Facing Sonar fault over
the previous days. Jaques was also unable to repair. He alleges it is
not the way it was wired up by Diginav as it has actually worked. He
reckons it is a fault in the display or the black box. That they will
have to go back to California
for repair.

So, a week wasted. Not quite says Kevin. Had we not come to Marin we
would not have met Neil, Len and Michael, three Cork men off the ‘Mary
P’ which did the ARC with Bootlegger in 07 and which is now on the way
home after visiting Trinidad and Tobago. Sadly we only met them the
day after St
Patrick’s Day which Kevin and I celebrated in favourite restaurant –
‘Ti Topues’ ( see pic ) near the Marina Neverthless Kevin was able to
spend quite a lot of time with them between Bootlegger and the
marina's nearby Mango Bay bar and we all did have a meal together
Thursday evening during which I provided them with a suggested route
plan up to San Juan, Peurto Rico where skipper/owner Neil is due to
pick up new crew.

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