St Georges, Grenada to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 3 Feb 2010 09:44

Bootlegger of MannLog

Date 040210��

12:27N 61:29W

Passage: St Georges, Grenada to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

Weather: Fine and sunny. Wind: E 20 knots

09.50 12:27N 61:29W Just suffered a frustrating couple of hours trying to check out with Immigration

( office just never opened � as Carriacou and Grenada are one of same decided to leave it and go into

Carriacou�s capital, Hillsborough. There was chaos in Pt Louis Marina office when the computers

malfunctioned and they were unable to establish meter readings for electric and water consumption for me

on seeking to check out therer, so further long delay.

09.5512:02N 61:44W Departed Pt Louis marina and headed out to open sea

12.20 12:27N 61:29W Wind strengthened to ENE27 knots. In company of two other yachts heading north.

Just had pleasant breakfast on deck.

13.4512.09N 61:45WWind ENE25 � 27kts. Creaming along at 8.4 kts. Great sail. Carriacou in sight some

10 nm ahead.

15.3012:27N61:29W Arrived Tyrell Bay. Quite a lot of yachts at anchor here. Dropped anchor.

We had a swim then a sleep in the cockpit.

16.30 Simon � a boat vendor appeared alongside offering Chilean wine etc. We ordered oysters for

breakfast together with bread and ice.

20.00 Had a knock up dinner of omelette, fried potatoes and salad.

22.00 Called it a night and crashed.

Engine hours: 3 hrs Gen. hrs: 0