Passage from CrewsInn Marina, Chagaruamas, Trinidad to Prickley Bay, Grenada (Distance 82nm)

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 25 Jan 2010 20:12

Bootlegger of Mann  Log

Date 240110  

12:00N 61:46.175W

Passage from Crews Inn Marina, Chagaruamas, Trinidad to Prickley Bay, Grenada

(Distance 82nm)

Crew:   FN / KB

Weather: fine and sunny; wind in protected CrewsInn marina: Slight

!6.30     After saying our farewells to boating friends Gerry and Denise Griffin off S/Y Saoirse

             and next door Swiss neighbours, Koni and Ruth Wust in the yacht 'Bora

             Bora', we slipped our lines and crept out into the river passing long time American

             resident ‘Fast Fred’ on his yacht ‘Republic’. Fred has become something of a

             fixture and celebrity in the marina having wintered here for ten years. Earlier he

             had kindly donated a spare stern ‘bumper’ to Bootlegger. He gave us a big wave

             and shouted his best wishes for a safe journey, as they all had done as we left them

             slowly behind.


             I had hoped that we could have made what is now regarded as a hazardous

             journey in the company of at least one other yacht, but nobody was planning to go for

             another week, then a small armada of boats would be departing together for Grenada.

             If they appeared we would have to take on the Venezuelan pirates alone.


            10:40.71N 61:.14W We headed west down river until rounding the headland to our

             starboard and proceeded north as far as Scotland Bay which we entered and anchored

             for a few hours to rest and prepare for our journey north to Grenada.


22.15    10:42.250N 61:40W  After an hour’s slumber departed Scotland Bay without lights.


00.01    10:53.57N 61:40.67W Wind NE 20 - 23kts true; COG 18 degrees, SOG 7.5 – 8.2kts

             Distance to go 68.9 nm. Spotted two vessels, possibly Gas/oil related plus large fishing

             vessels either stationary or moving very slowly and one directly ahead of us all around

             12nm off. Identified on the AIS as: N0 1: Amethyst, No2: MMSI # :563573000;

             No3: MMSI 362023000.    FN


12.40    As we approach vessels ahead we pick up fast  approaching craft coming in from the

             NE 7.4 nm away. He later passes us to the SW. FN


05.10     11:31.38N 61:41W Wind: NE 25 -27kts; SOG 7.7kts RNG 48 nm. Boat is corkscrewing

              through what are now large seas


08.45     12:00.03N 61:46.17W. After waking Kevin and berthing the boat, FWE in True Blue

              Marina. Greeted by Mike – or, Roger the Cabin Boy at the dock.  The passage from

              Scotland Bay to True Blue Bay a distance of 78nm took 10.5 hrs.


10.00     We retired to True Blue’s Deck restaurant for breakfast. Having had no sleep at all

              the previous night I crashed out whilst Kevin and Roger went off to the shops and

              thence to the True Blue bar.