Day1 At Sea

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Wed 11 May 2011 22:53


22.10N 066.6W

Wednesday 11 May ( Day 1)

05.30 Awoke to this first day at sea.. Weather fine. Flat sea. Estimate
wind speed around 18kts.

06.15 Sight ketch to port – could this be the ‘Lady T’? Could not make
positive identification.

07.00 Return to bunk; still very tired as hadn’t slept well.

10.15 21.35N 65.57W Phone awoke me. It was Richard, the Captain. I
thought as I missed dinner previous night and nobody had seen me for quite
a while he was checking to see if I was still alive! Richard invited me to
the bridge for coffee. Took my video camera.

Looking out from the bridge I noted it was still a fine day. Wind has
increased to around 15kts; good sailing weather
The Captain advised he had received message to say there was some problem
with the U.S. authorities as per my status aboard. Seems I was listed as
‘crew’. This was not accepted and a new form had to be prepared and
submitted which showed me as a passenger. Having obtained further info on
me he duly did this.

Took some video.

I later left the bridge with the noon position.

Noon Position: 22.10N 066.6W

12.30: Went for lunch. At table was Richard, Captain, Sergei, Chief
Engineer, and two Alex’s whose designations I have yet to figure out.
Lunch was seared tuna, fried potatoes and salad. Melon dessert. Very good.

13.00 Alex 1 (young blonde guy from St Petersberg) took me on
‘familiarisation’ tour. Basically this comprised of knowing where to go
and with what in the event of a fire aboard or other reasons to abandon
ship. Seven long and one short blast from ship’s horn denoted it was time
to go for lifeboat.

13.45: Noted good sailing weather still.

14.00 Read / fell asleep.

17.30 Awoke just in time for afternoon tea. Went down to find everyone
already eating. Apart from Richard we now had three Alex’s. Think the
third Alex, from Murmansk, is the 3rd Officer. Didn’t look very happy. Is
it me? A wide array of meats, smoked salmon and herring on the table with
brown and white bread.

18.30 Went aboard Bootlegger after bashing my right hand trying to open
watertight door to cargo deck in order to check battery level. Noted
reading of 24.7v.

19.00 Made a G&T ‘sundowner’ and prepared to start putting these
previously hand written notes onto computer.

22.00 Watched a DVD episode of Michael Palin – can relate to this man.

23.30 Retired to my bunk and my book.