True Blue Resort and Marina, Grenada

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 29 Jan 2010 11:55

Bootlegger of MannLog

Date 290110��

12:00N 61:46W

Crew:�� FN / KB / MH

True Blue Resort and Marina, Grenada

Having arrived earlier than planned Roger still had his hotel room for a few extra nights.

This meant we have been able to avail ourselves of the hotel facilities.

Within an hour of his being presented with his crew cap brought out from the UK -

which had been especially embroided with the words �Cabin Boy�, Roger had lost it !

Since Bootlegger�s arrival the days have been spent teaching Roger the difference

between Bootlegger�s sharp end and her blunt end, running around shopping, picking up

victuals and visiting chandleries for a hundred and one items. There was of course the

essential registering of our arrival with Immigration and Customs over at Prickly Bay

which, for once, was a reasonably pleasant experience.

Today I have to chase FedEx re the arrival of a spare part for the sump pump being sent

from Amel, Martinique.I have purchased and rigged a temporary one in place until the

main pump can be re-instated.

The plan is to leave here and go around to Le Phaire Bleu a little further up the coast.

This is a small select marina and resort, owned and run by a Swedish couple,

a Swedish lightship serving as its main feature. The lightship features a very fine restaurant

that is always well patronised.

After Le Phaire Bleu we head for the island of Carracou to the north of here.