Passage from Scarborough, Tobago to Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 14 Apr 2009 21:33
Tuesday 14 April 2009

10:40.937N 61:38.175W

Passage from Scarborough, Tobago to Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad

05.10 16.30 11:10.774N 60:44.166W Weighed anchor and slipped out of
Scarborough Harbour into the blackness the channel markers not being lit.
Whereas there was no wind inside the harbour we were soon getting E 20 –
25 knots of wind.

06.00 11:07.034N 060:45.81W Wind E20 + kts SOG: 5.6 kts DTG: 75.5nm CSE
247 degrees. Soon be on a dead down wind course after clearing Crown Point.

09.15 10:56.627N 61:03.96 Wind E16 kts SOG 8.6 kts DTG 56nm There must be
2 kts of current with us to be achieving this speed.
Generally a good sail across from Tobago to and along, Trinidad's north coast and 
finally through the narrow channel separating the Island from Venezuela. 

16.45 10:40.767N 61:37.977W F.W.E. Arrived Chagamara Port and specifically
Crews Inn Marina and Hotel complex where given inside alongside berth on C
Distance done. 70nm. Time taken: 11 hrs 40 minutes. Engine hours: 9
PIRATE  ATTACK: We were followed into Chagaruamas port by a Fisher ketch skippered
by a 56 yr old  Essexman, Dave and his Venezuelan girlfiend Rosa. They had just
been attacked and wounded ( fortunately just arm flesh wounds) by pirates, who, 
Dave tells us ,were armed with an AK47 and a pump action shotgun.
The pirates, who had come up fast from nearby Venezuela, lying just astern had had
commenced firing at them well before closing the Fisher which was well shot up in the
The pirates faces were not covered and clearly they were trying to kill the couple.
Dave managed to despatch them with his trusty flare gun. He radio'd Trinidad and
Tobago Coastguard for assistance who, according to Dave, didnt want to know.  
They did however pitch up here at the marina to take statements.