Passage from Sopers Hole, Tortola to Grand Harbour, Jose Van Dyke Island, BVI

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Fri 20 Feb 2009 23:15
Bootlegger Log

Friday 20 February 2009

Took Ferry to Cruz Bay, St Johns, USVI where we presented our Visa Waiver
Approvals. In turn we had our passports stamped with the VW stamp, valid
for ninety days.

After having a coffee at a nearby café we took the ferry back to Sopers
Hole, Tortola.

Immigration were very good and waived the re-entry and Clearance procedure
on basis it had already been done in Road Harbour on Monday. So, we were
good to go.

Took Bootlegger across to Grand Harbour, Jose Van Dyke island anchoring
amongst some 50 other boats. We made a run ashore to the famous Foxy’s bar
and restaurant where we had lunch beforte returning to Bootlegger for the afternoon.
As dusk fell I noticed cockpit cushion I had been lying on deck on during the
afternoon had disappeared. It had obviously gone over the stern in what
was a stiff wind. Subsequent search along the windward shore by tender
produced no sightings. Hey ho.

In the evening we again went ashore., To Foxy’s Bar ( on Cokes with the
antibiotics) Chatted to a couple from N.Carolina, John and Shay who were
in the early stages of their circumnavigation. John was saying property
prices in Puerto Rico where they had just been had dropped by 40% over
the past year.

Engine: 2 hrs Generator: 5 hrs