ARC Log Day 1

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 26 Nov 2007 14:03
Bootlegger of Mann  


ARC 2007 Log


Date 25 11 07


Day One


12.40       28 08N  15 25W  Wind  N. 20 Kts.  One of the last boats to leave we

             slipped our mooring in Las Palmas  Marina  and  headed out past the

             crowds lining the breakwater and out to the start arriving with come two

             minutes to go.


13.00   We passed over the line to begin the 2,700 plus passage to St Lucia.

            After a good start we headed out into a large swell and confused sea

            in the company of some 230 other boats. A splendid sight in the bright

            afternoon sunshine. With the wind gusting to 30 plus kts few boats risked 

            flying a spinnaker.


            We soon sighted rival SM2000 Abora ahead. We overhauled him only to be   

            overhauled ourselves by Abora some time later. We soon recovered our lead.


14.00   Just one hour after passing over the start line and the boats are well spread out 

            to the west and east of us – by several miles. The  jockeying for position

            between Bootlegger and Abora continued  for the rest of the afternoon which

            saw us surfing along at over 10 kts over the ground at times.


17.00   27 11. 07 N   15 18 52 W   Wind  NNW 24 kts.    


18.30   We finally lost sight of Abora some three miles to the east of us in the fading

            light. As the evening set in the wind decreased . The course steered 232   



21.00   27’ 27.29 N  15’37.42W. The wind is now down to NNW  6 kts giving us a

            boat speed of 2.6 kts! The determined watch system will roll over

            every four days. The watches for the first four days are 21.00 – 00.00 Eugene

00.00- 0300 Ray, 03.00 to 06.00 Mike and myself 06.00 – 09.00. Eugene

came on watch.


00.00   27 19.2N 15 43.7W. The wind has dropped to 3 kts giving us a boat speed of 1.5 kts

            Bearing 254 degrees.  EMc