Bootlegger of Mann Log - February to May 2011.doc

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 10 May 2011 13:58
Bootlegger of Mann Log

Date 10 05 11

18:20N 064:57.14W

Virgin Islands Cruising - 21st February to 10th May 2011

Monday 21st February 2011

18:23.87N 64:23W Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, BVI.

22:30 Arrived Nanny Cay Marina hotel from airport having flown in from IoM via LHR, Miami

and San Juan to await and to settle up for Bootlegger's delivery from Curacao. I also have to find

alternative berthing for her whilst I return to the IoM as she has to be out of Nanny Cay

before the Regatta when the marina is fully booked .

Wednesday 23rd February 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, BVI.

13:15 Bootlegger docked on B19 after five day delivery passage from Curacao. Welcomed

the three delivery crew headed by Cees de Jong.

After sorting out their flights back to Curacao via St Maarten I took them for dinner.

Nice guys. They left the boat as they found it - clean and tidy with nothing broken.

Have done a few shake down sails up and down the Sir Francis Drake Channel

over the past week visiting a few small islands in the process and getting some

snorkeling in during which I saw a Giant Manta or Sting Ray.

Sunday 6th March 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, BVI.

After numerous business communications relative to the protracted business sale

it is necessary for me to now return quickly to the IoM to complete matters. Will

take a chance and leave boat here in NC. Sure it will be OK.

Managed to get Delta return ticket at a reasonable price.

Left BVI on first ferry out to St Thomas. Caught Delta flight to LGW via Atlanta.

Arrived back on the Rock Monday night. On the go for over30 hours.

Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, BVI.

Arrived back in the Caribbean via flights from IoM, LGW, Atlanta (stopover)

and St Thomas, USVI where I took a ferry for the final leg here.

It has been three months of unscheduled twoing and frowing across the Atlantic

between home and Caribbean relative to finalizing my business sale. This

was finally completed last Friday (18th March) after further two weeks of time

consuming and costly prevarication.

On Thursday the 24th March I visited Tortola Rotary Club's Lunchtime meeting

where I presented my Rotary Club of Douglas banner to its President. In return

I received their banner to take back to Douglas to present to the Douglas President

together with a bottle of Pusser's Rum. The idea of the rum is that it be auctioned

or raffled, the proceeds to go to a given charity. Nice idea. Evident that Tortola RC

is extremely active. May have something to do with fact around half its number

are women !

Sat with three Americans and one Canadian member. They all knew and were

fairly knowledgable of the IoM. One of the Americans had met with Sir Charles

Kerruish when he was Speaker of the Keys. Thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Nanny Cay Marina is host to the 40th BVI Spring Regatta and boats are already

arriving here for it. Amongst them is 'Necker Belle' Richard Branson's very large

catamaran registered in the Isle of Man. She is also skippered by a Manxman -

Richard Kellett from the north of the Island. There was a reception being held

aboard for the organizers of the Regatta and I was invited ab ard for a drink

and to meet Richard's wife and the various people associated with the Regatta.

Sunday 27th March 2011

With the Regatta due to start next week I had to vacate my berth to make

way for more pre-booked yachts arriving here to take part.

13:00 Having fuelled and watered up and paid up I departed Nanny Cay and set off

in fine settled weather to explore the islands on the other side of the Sir Francis

Drake Channel.

After a pleasant sail I arrived at Norman Island where I anchored for a while on the southern

side of the island close to the caves. I then snorkled before setting off for Peter Island

where I anchored and snorkled in a small picturesque bay overnight.

Treasure is reputed to still be hidden here on these islands, remaining unearthed since

being buried by Captain Morgan and others over three hundred years ago.

Monday 28th March 2011

Peter Island. BVI

09:00 Weighed anchor and sailed / motored (due to wind being mainly on the nose) ENE to the

Island of Virgin Gorda.

18:27N 064:26W Arrived Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, BVI.

12. 46 Dropped hook in what is a busy anchorage off VG's 'capital' Spanish Town. The frequent ferries

that link the Island to Tortola and other islands make it a busy little spot. After a swim I made

a salad and stayed aboard.

Tuesday 29th March 2011

Went ashore late afternoon in the tender.

Quickly established the American owned Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, where I secured

my tender, with its bars, restaurant and shops, seems to be THE centre of Spanish Town.

Across the road the Mr Nice Guy general store will sell you anything. The small town

is a scattering of houses and shops mainly situated up on the hillside overlooking the VGYH.

Having taken a walk up the road and discovering the above facts I returned to the VGYH

where I ate before returning to Bootlegger.

Wednesday 30th March 2011

Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda.

14:00 18:27N 064:26W Picked up the hook and departed Spanish Town setting sail for North Sound situated

at the top of the island

18:43N 64:23W Bitter End Yacht Club Anchorage, North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

17:30 Dropped hook. Having arrived earlier in the North Sound, finally anchored off the famous Bitter End Yacht Club.

after having to abort attempt to pick up mooring in strong breeze in Leverick Bay. Stayed aboard.

Thursday 31st March 2011

Bitter End Yacht Club Anchorage, North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

Remained aboard.

Friday 1st April 2011

Bitter End Yacht Club Anchorage, North Sound, Virgin Gorda

Went ashore to explore this very beautiful and very exclusive resort. Had lunch in the BEYC


Lazy afternoon on the beach.

Went for dinner to same in the evening. Chatted with two Washington lawyers, Winnie

and Heather. An enjoyable evening; Interesting people. Got the feeling one would not wish

to mix it with Winnie who is clearly a very tough and able criminal lawyer.

Saturday 2 April 2011

Bitter End Yacht Club Anchorage, North Sound, Virgin Gorda

11:10 18:30N 064:23W Raised anchor with some difficulty and set sail for Anegada

13.8nm to the north, steering 06 degrees. Beautiful day, perfect conditions with the winds

easterly, S.O.G. averaging around 6.8 kt.

18:43N 64:23W : Setting Point, Anchorage, Anegada

13:30 Dropped hook amongst a dozen or so other yachts. Holding here good.

Problem will be getting it up when I come to leave. Must get this windless sorted.

What a spot; from the water looks gorgeous. After a swim and a snorkel I made a late salad lunch

and snoozed in the cockpit.

After sun downer and listening to some music caught up with my log before turning in with my

book, Patrick O'Brien's 'HMS Surprise'.

Sunday 3rd April 2011

Setting Point, Anchorage, Anegada

11:40 Took tender ashore to explore. Had nice lunch at nearby bar/restaurant to the dinghy dock

followed by a walk. Returned to boat just in time for my sun downer. Lovely evening. Very quiet.

Turned in at 21.15

Monday 4th April 2011

Setting Point, Anchorage, Anegada

After breakfast and a swim and snorkel prepared Bootlegger for departure.

Noon. Lifted anchore with much difficulty and with light airs motored south back to the BEYC.

Wind picked up and so had full sails out for the last hour of the passage. S.O.G. 6.5kt average.

18:28.5N 064:20N Bitter End Yacht Club Anchorage, North Sound, Virgin Gorda

14:50. Dropped my anchor more or less in previous location. Did not go ashore,

Made a chicken curried dish from a tin. Plus some rice. Was OK.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Bitter End Yacht Club Anchorage, North Sound, Virgin Gorda

08:45 Went ashore. Met up with American restless wanderers John and Molly

who owned an art gallery in Montana from the 70' yacht Duelle. Molly

advised me John and she were new to the world of sailing and were cutting their

teeth on the 'nursery slopes' here in the BVI before embarking on more

adventurous sailing ventures.

John was keen to learn where in the world I thought they should buy a house.

I would mention somewhere whereupon John would immediately Google

it and its associate Real Estate sites. France, Ireland Majorca, they

were desperate to take advantage of the falling prices and good deals to be had

wherever it may be. They came aboard Bootlegger for sun downers.

After that never saw them again.

Wednesday 6th April 2011

Bitter End Yacht Club Anchorage, North Sound, Virgin Gorda

Took ferry from BEYC to main island of VG and then a $60 round trip

taxi to Spanish Town. Fantastic views of North Sound as the road went

up and over the high hills. Went to boat yard there to get quote

for hauling Bootlegger and having her antifouled. Also windless

needs looking at as having problems lifting anchor. No poke; stops

when encountering any resistance.

Thursday 7th April 2011

Bitter End Yacht Club Anchorage, North Sound, Virgin Gorda

10:30 Left the anchorage bringing out sails almost immediately.

Beautiful sail through the Sound and around and into Sir Francis Drake Channel

with a nice run down Tortola's south coast to Nanny Cay where I had secured a berth

earlier by radio. Was advised would again have to move out to make room for

ARC Europe boats which were slowly arriving.

18:23.87N 64:23W Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

15:30 Arrived in marina and secured boat on B dock.

Friday 8th April 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

Obtained a quote for haul out, antifoul and hull clean and polish from yard boss Keith.

He can take me Monday morning at 10:00 am. Accepted quote and all laid on. I am

to buy and supply the Micron 66 antifoul paint.

A Canadian flagged Beneteau came into the next berth and I assisted with securing her lines.

Made the acquaintance of the owners, David and Lawrie. David was English, Lawrie a Canadian

Who had lived for some years in England. The couple now lived in Vancouver, BC.

They had bought the boat here with the intention of cruising on her for the whole

season then putting her up for sale through a local Broker before returning, as they were

now doing, to Vancouver. It worked out much cheaper than chartering for the period.

Saturday 9th April 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

Obtained quote for 5 tins of Micron 66 at Budget Marine. $340 per tin - 15% discount.

David suggested I rang Galleon Marine Chandlers in Road Town. I did. $240 per tin !

And they brought it to my boat - along with some other bits I needed including sacrificial


Opened up windless and checked motor. Seems fine. Maybe it's the clutch. Will have yard

look at when she is in next week.

Sunday 10th April 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

Had a day off choosing to spend it by the pool with my book.

Monday 11th April 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

10:00 haul out delayed until 11.30. Apparently this is usual.

David assisted me. All went well ; no problems.

Nobody showed to start work on hull. As the day wore on evident not going to happen today.

Was told an electrician was coming to look at the windless. Again another 'no show' Welcome

to the Caribbean.

I have moved into hotel whilst boat is on the hard. Negotiated an upgrade from a standard

to a 'Luxury' ground floor marina facing bedroom with patio and en suite facilities.

Tuesday 11th April 2011

Nanny Cay Boat Yard, Tortola

'Africa' my painter shows up at 09:15 after my doing a lot of chasing. He wants all 5 tins of

antifoul which disappear off into his paint store; mmmm.

Pretty soon he is on with the job of preparing the antifouled areas for painting. Must say the

existing coating looks pretty good. Also asked for my prop to be cleaned up and antifould with

special prop spray paint called Trilux.

Wednesday 13th April 2011

Nanny Cay Boat Yard, Tortola

First haul out of the day goes horribly wrong when the axle of the lift trolley that, like a fawk lift,

puts a boat in between two others shears off on one side whilst yacht still on it. Fortunately

the travel hoist was still supporting the boat and was about to release it onto the trolley when the

axle went. Fortunately the yacht was not damaged.

Bottom being painted today and hull cleaned and polished today. Reminded Africa about the prop.

In the late afternoon the Electrician appeared and soon we had the problem cracked. It was the

Clutch that needed to be tightened up. That was it, thank god.

Thursday 14th April 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

10:00 Lifted back in. Again David assisted. Was given B4 berth on B Dock where spent rest of day

cleaning boat's topsides. Went to beach bar and then on into 'Peg Legs' for supper. Met David and

Lawrie there who invited me to join them. David is a PR man specializing in TV related work with

a division of the Mark McCormack Organisation specializing in sponsorship for major sporting

events including yacht racing events around the world. Lawrie is ex airline trolley dolly.

Friday 15th April 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

07:00 Assisted David and Lawrie with their haul out. All went well. There boat will remain

on the hard for sale.

Rained cats and dogs for the rest of the day. Ate aboard.

Saturday 16th April 2011

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

David and Lawrie who are flying out today called by to say goodbye and to bring some left over

booze and food.

Went into town to Supermarket to do some provisioning. Called into Lime shop to see if someone

could sort out my Blackberry. Typical. Saturday and no 'engineers ' working.

Went to Marina office and checked out. Said goodbye to everyone as would not be seeing them again.

13:00 Went to fuel dock and took on fuel. Departed Nanny Cay - or so I thought.

Sailing down the Sir Francis Drake Channel on passage to Jos Van Dikje Island and almost at Sopers

Hole when I realized I had left my tender behind. So, had to turn the boat around and return to Nanny Cay

pick it up.

Later had nice sail to JVD island.

18:26.47N 064:45.16W. Grand Harbour Anchorage, Jos Van Dikje Island, BVI

16:40 Dropped anchor. Anchorage full of Puerto Rican boats of the motor cruiser

Marlin fishing boat variety. Must be early Easter holidays for them maybe.

Had a swim and sunbathed in little time left. It was dark when I finally took the

tender ashore.

Went straight to Foxy's only to find it full of Americans off charter cats queuing for buffet meal.

Had a beer and left. Went over to Vinny's place, An American motorcycle enthusiast he has a large

collection of Classic bikes back home and knows all about the TT. Has wanted to visit the Isle of Man

to experience the event.

but not made it yet.

I had one of his lobsters. Superb. Went straight back to the boat and my bunk.

Sunday 17th April 2011

Grand Harbour Anchorage, Jos Van Dikje Island

I was awoken by someone knocking on the hull and calling out 'Bootlegger !'.

It was couple from a nearby Amel 2K who called to say that my bathing ladder was hanging loose on one bracket.

They said they knew the name as they had followed my blog.

15:00 Tired of my many noisy Puerto Rican neighbours I upped anchor ( great to see it operating well again) and motored around to
White Bay.

18:26.47 064:45.83 White Bay, Jos Van Dykje Island, BVI

Anchored inside the reef within very small restricted anchorage for a boat of my draft. Place full of

shallow draft charter cats and Puerto Rican motor cruisers further in with music blaring from nearby

beach bars. Ugh.

Spent an uncomfortable night swinging on anchor in large swell. Ate aboard.

Monday 18th of April 2011

10:00 After carefully making my way out through the narrow opening in the reef set off under sail

for Sopers Hole at the western end of Tortola. There was a fine breeze as Bootlegger went like a

train south with all sail out on a beam reach reaching 7.8 kt.

18:23N 064:42.25W Sopers Hole, Tortola, BVI

After anchoring up went ashore in tender to procure a replacement snorkel. Had a late lunch

at Pussers before returning to boat.

Departed Sopers Hole motored across the Sir Francis Drake Channel to Norman Island as there

was now insufficient wind to sail. I arrived in 'The Bight' early evening.

18:19N 064: 36.9W The Bight, Norman Island, BVI

17:40 Dropped anchor close in towards the famous restaurant Pirate's Bite. The anchorage is full

of Puerto Rican motor yacht, cruisers and marlin fishing boats. They are rafted up together in rows

just off the beach. Latin music fills the air. Oh well, only here for one night. I took the tender ashore

and booked at the Pirates for an early dinner. Then had a sun downer ashore before my meal.

As darkness fell the rows of PR boats lit up with an array of fancy lighting. Amazing sight. The

cacophony of music and loud voices did not diminish.

I had a pleasant meal after having chatted for a while to a group of English people; a rarity

around this, the BRITISH Virgin Islands. An early night.

Tuesday, 19th of April 2011

The Bight, Norman Island, BVI

Left the Bight at first light and sailed around to Soldier Bay on the north coast of Norman Island.

18:19.28N 064:36.67 Soldier Bay, Norman Island, Tortola, BVI

A small bay I see on arrival it has had just one other boat - an American charter cat at anchor.

I dropped my anchor well away from it. It's a gorgeous day and I am soon in the water

swimming and snorkeling. I took my video camera - good to 3 metre depth. As I headed from

the boat I noticed on looking under the hull that the prop had lost all the white antifoul paint apart

from around the hub that had been put on it. It had to be poor preparation.

The snorkeling was really good. I filmed quite a lot of tropical fish on coral. After making a shrimp

salad lunch I read my book in the cockpit before having another swim to cool off.

17:30 Sundowner preparation time, I make myself the usual G&T and sit appreciating the view and

listening to some favorite music. It has been a quiet and peaceful day. A good day.

Made a chicken dish for dinner and retired to my bunk around 21:00.

Wednesday 20th April 2011

Soldier Bay, Norman Island, Tortola, BVI

Another day much like yesterday. Had a number of communications with the UK agents for Sevenstar

Yacht transport who are still unable to provide any further information on loading and departure dates

for shipping Bootlegger to Southampton. All I know is it is still scheduled to happen between the 10th

and 20th of May.

Thursday 21st April 2011

Soldier Bay, Norman Island, Tortola, BVI

06:00 Arose and put generator on as battery reading 23.8 V.

O7:45 Weighed anchor. Plan to go up to the north of Tortola - to Trellis Bay. Beautiful morning but water

like a mill pond, flat as glass so its going to be a motor or at best a motor sail.

18:26.88N 064:31.87W Trellis Bay, Beef Island, Tortola, BVI

09:40 Anchor on arrival in Trellis Bay, Beef Island, right by the airport.

My visa expires on the 23rd of April. So, I need to leave the BVI on or before that date ( Saturday ).

I want to take a look at Puerto Rico so this is a good opportunity to do it before I leave the Caribbean.

I took the tender ashore and walked over to the airport. I was lucky to get a seat on a Cape Airways

flight on Saturday evening, returning Monday evening given it is Easter weekend.

I now need to put Bootlegger somewhere safe whilst I'm away. After making some phone calls I

Manage to get a berth in Penn's Landing - a small 14 berth dock in nearby East End to the east of

Hoggs Bay.

Good Friday 22 April 2011

Trellis Bay, Beef Island, Tortola, BVI.

After lunch I motored around Beef Island and back into the SFD Channel and down the Tortola coast to

Hogs Bay.

Saturday 23rd April 2011

18: 21.40N 064:33.75W Penn's Landing, East End, Tortola, BVI

I spent the night on anchor before being led into Penn's Landing first thing this morning by manager Walter

Gariman the German manager t is clearly a well organized and efficient facility which is, with my arrival

full. The other boat people are friendly with the exception of the German boat alongside me who did not

even acknowledge my greeting. Walter will move boats out onto anchor if they are there long term in order

to facilitate people like me.

I have advised him I am going to San Juan for the weekend and briefed him on Bootlegger so he can keep an

eye on her in my absence.

I flew to San Juan on the 16:30 flight. It was a beautiful evening for the flight. The plane turned out to be a

small nine seater twin engine airplane. On getting aboard we establish that no less than five of those aboard are

pilots ! This proved a great comfort factor. Wonderful flight to San Juan with brilliant views. On arrival

found myself found hotels full with it being Easter but managed to get a room in a small ocean facing

hotel out at Condido which was relatively cheap.

Easter Sunday and Monday Did Old Town of San Juan taking in the huge fortress complex built as part

of the Spanish defences against English pirates and forces that were never able to take it. Spent a long

time exploring its many facilities and defences. The Old Town is charming and I spent a lot of time

exploring its many narrow streets. The place is a strange mix of Spanish and American it being an

American Colony since the U.S. invaded in 1897 and seized and occupied it.

Flew back to Beef Island, Tortola on Monday evening with Cape Air and just one pilot - a woman!

Tuesday 26th - Saturday 30th April 2011

Penn's Landing, East End, Tortola, BVI.

Stormbound. Bad weather with strong winds, rough seas and frequent heavy rain throughout period.

Another Amel - a Santorin named Bali Hai arrived. She was a credit to her American owner Ric Gottschalk

from Annapolis. She had been much improved by Mike and her previous owner. Her canopy for example had

been replaced by one that formed an all round enclosure and was higher than the original featuring a see

through panel in the fwd section enabling the helmsman to stand and look ahead without having to drop

the canopy as I have to do on entering or laving a port or anchorage. Mike allowed me to take various pics

for future reference.

Got up early on Friday morning to watch Royal Wedding on live stream on my computer.

After settling up with Walter for seven night's berthing and saying goodbye to everyone finally departed

Penn's Landing mid afternoon. Plan is to spend Sunday in the peace and quiet of Soldier Bay, Norman Island

before heading over to Nanny Cay to prepare boat for shipping and await call to take her on her final

Caribbean over to Crown Bay Marina, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas USVI in readiness for loading

onto Southampton bound ship.

Had a great sail down to Norman Island with 24 kt of wind behind me. Seas still rough nothing out on the

water but me. On arrival at Norman Island found the anchorage exposed to wind and swell. Put two lines

on the mooring buoy for safety.

Sunday 1st of May 2011

18:19.28N 064:36.67 Soldier Bay, Norman Island, Tortola, BVI

Ran the generator for 4 hours whilst I charged the batteries, made some fresh water and used washing m/c.

My hopes of being able to have a last swim and snorkel were dashed by the weather. Grey, overcast and

a sea running. Read my book before making meal and turning in early.

Monday 2nd May 2011

Soldier Bay, Norman Island, Tortola, BVI

06:30 After another rolley and uncomfortable night on the mooring I slipped the mooring and headed for

Tortola and Nanny Cay.

18:23N 064:36W Nanny Cay Marina

08.30 Arrived in marina docking on B17. With everywhere closed being May Day Holiday worked all day on


Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 5th May 2011

Nanny Cay Marina

Tuesday: worked on boat and tender. Latter was in bad shape and took quite a few hours to clean

on the dock


Received word from Sevenstar Agent that loading will take place in St Thomas between the

7th and 10th of May. I am delighted to also be advised I am on the ship with Bootlegger. The only


Wednesday: Clearing and sorting out on boat. All the ARC Europe boats are now here and

undertaking final preparations for their departure tomorrow ( Thursday ). As I am also due to leave

tomorrow I have decided I will leave the start line with them as both our course take us down the SFD

Channel. There are two SM 2K's in the marina that recently completed the World ARC, one Swiss and

one American, 'Brown Eyed Girl'. The latter has been re-sprayed with a navy hull and white deck.

Not sure I like it. Doesn't look like an Amel any more.

Customs and Immigration came to Nanny Cay to 'Clear Out' the ARC Europe boats saving me a journey

into Road Town to do it.

The ARC Europe participants had a final night reception party over at Beach Bar area. I didn't go.

Tired after working all day and not really in the mood to party. Ate aboard and hit the sack early.

Thursday: After paying my dues and making my farewells to those in the Marina office and to Debbie

over at the Beach Bar I wished those I had met from ARC Europe best wishes for a safe journey back

before departing the dock and Nanny Cay for the last time and at the same time as the Swiss

Amel slipped out of his berth.

The ARC Europe boats and I gathered out on the water where a start line had been laid in form of an

ARC officials yacht and a buoy.

The Start gun went and we were off in a westerly direction down SFD Sound. There had been an

Unbelievable 180 degree wind shift from the east to the west. This had the fleet slowly tacking down the

Channel in very light wind. The Swiss Amel quickly lost patience along with one other and put their donkeys

on. I later followed. I carried on past the U.S. island of St John whilst the ARC fleet turned north after

West Point at the western end of Tortola.

The wind picked up some and I completed my passage to Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas both sailing

and motoring as wind direction and strength dictated.

18:20N 064:57.14W Crown Bay Marina, Charlotte Amalie, USVI

16:00 Arrived in Crown Bay Marina where I went bow in on C19, C Dock, Port side to as instructed.

Ate ashore at Tickles a very typical American bar and restaurant in the marina complex.

Learned that had been a two week delay with last Sevenstar ship to depart St Thomas which had caused

major inconvenience to those who were due to fly out on pre booked flights to Europe.

Friday 6th to Tuesday 10th May 2011

Crown Bay Marina, Charlotte Amalie, USVI

Friday: Went over to U.S. Customs and Immigration by the Ferry Terminal where I found a most friendly and

Helpful indeed human lady officer who Cleared me in. Clearing me and Bootlegger out would be

processed by the Sevenstar shipping agent in St Thomas, Stuart Butler.

Saw St Thomas's Carnival in the afternoon - which is to be repeated tomorrow ( Saturday)

Back on Bootlegger I was visited by an American couple, Mike and Tracy McHugh who introduced

themselves as the owners of another Amel SM2K further along the dock - the 'Lady T'.

I invited them aboard for a drink and a chat. They later invited me back to the Lady T for dinner.

They hail from Coos Bay, Kansas City and are waiting for a muffler to arrive before starting

their journey north to New England after cruising the Caribbean all season..

Saturday: The transport back home for Bootlegger and I arrived this afternoon and

Immediately began loading. I met the Load Master in Tickles, Sean Lines, an Englishman

who had flown in yesterday and who briefed me on the loading schedule. I am likely to

be loaded 13:30 hrs Monday and will be positioned immediately in front of the bridge

on the starboard side. He does not like the idea of lifting Bootlegger by her

lifting points and says she will be lifted like every other boat - in the slings. This means

my Triadic will have to be removed. I phoned Island Riggers and arranged for rigger

Monday morning.

I met Ed and Lisa Prosser from the motor yacht 'Best Mates' across the dock. They

Are headed for Trinidad and Peakes yard for the hurricane season. I was able to provide them

With lots of gen on Peakes and the area which they were glad of. Later they invited me to join

them for dinner. We went up to Victor's a restaurant on the top of the hill overlooking the marina

and dock area at the recommendation of their regular taxi driver. Great views from up there

of the area and of the M.V. Snoekgracht. The meal was good to as was the conversation. Nice

interesting people whose home is in Mooresville, Indiana.

Sunday: I went aboard Snoekgracht and was taken up to my cabin. It is on the top deck next door

to the Captain's cabin and immediately below the Bridge. Good spot with great outlook forward.

See Mike and Tracy in Tickles at lunchtime and invite them for dinner later on Bootlegger.

Later advised Bootlegger will not now be loaded until Tuesday morning. Spend the rest of the day

preparing boat for journey including the removal of headsail covering of windless and putting

the covers on the gooseneck area of both masts. I have just 100 litres of water and 120 litres of

fuel on board as per the reuirement to keep such to a minimum level.

Mike and Tracy later arrived for dinner. Did Queenies in a garlic and cheese mornay sauce served on

Scallop shells. Impressive or what? This was followed by main course of meatloaf and salad and

later chocolate mousse with ice cream. A good evening with good conversation. They offer

to help me with Bootlegger Tuesday morning, an offer I was grateful to receive and readily accepted.

Monday : Moved so much of my personal effects to my cabin on the ship and completed boat

preparation. The rigger Jay arrived in the afternoon and soon removed the Triadic. He brought

back down my radar reflector which was smashed. Something else to have to replace in Southampton.

Tuesday. 07:30 Ed and Lisa come over to say farewell and to wish me luck with the loading and for

a safe journey. Mike and Tracy arrive and join me aboard. We slipped the berth and made our way around

to the Snoekgracht lying off her Port side to await further instruction. At 07:55 we are ushered alongside

by Sean Lines. He advises the main mast backstay and topping lift must also be removed ! Out come the

spanners and 15 minutes later we are ready.

Bootlegger is then slowly parted from the Caribbean waters in which she has happily spent the last four

happy years cruising up and down the Islands from the Virgin Islands to Trinidad, from the

West Indies to the ABC islands and lots in between. Many thousands of miles of enjoyable

and most memorable cruising during which she never let me down.

It is a very sad moment for me as I see my baby, my Caribbean home, transporter and utterly

reliable sailing companion who has served me so well over the past four years, slowly and

ignominiously hoisted aboard the ship and lowered into her resting place for the next two weeks

as we again a Transatlantic crossing together, this time on piggyback.

Frank Newton

On passage to Southampton


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