ARC Log Day 6

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 1 Dec 2007 00:20


Bootlegger of Mann  


2007 ARC Log     


Date 30 11 07


Day Six


00.01  22.23N 24.54W  Wind true 17kts, SOG 6.5kts.  


01.15  Squall came in; pulled out the wet weather gear and reduced sail in expectation

           so no dramas. On broad reach with all white sails up to Port. Lost sight of an

           ARC vessel to Port who went of in SW direction. EMc


03.00  22.18N 25.15W  Changed rig by bringing boom over to Starboard to goosewing

           whilst retaining mizzen; speed remains at SOG 5.3-6kts ws 17.5kts still cannot get

           boat to half wind speed. RT


05.15  Squall came through with some rain, 27kts in strength, reefed down to half rig

           boat speed max 7kts.  RT


06.00  23.07N 23.12W ( 03.00 - 06.00 Watch Report ) Wind speed 17.5 SOG 5.3-6kts

           Bearing 260 degrees 17.7 nm during  00.00 – 03.00 Watch  RT


08.30  Wind ENE 10-15 kts resulted in SOG of 5-7kts. Clock and battery check

            Latter down to 21.5V. 


08.40  Switched on generator , we then switched on both battery chargers, and hot water. RT


09.00   The forecast for our area (Elle) as received from the ARC office by e-mail

            is NE winds 20-25kts, waves 6-8 ft with occasional showers.


10.00   F,M & E change sail rig reverting to genoa and ballooner giving us an extra knot

            of boat speed


11.15   Frank prepares brunch – ham, tomato and onion toastie soaked in egg and fried

            accompanied by baked beans which we ate out in the  warm sun shine.  FN


12.00   21.47N  26.41W Noon position taken by FN


12.00   Everyone starts to go about their daily activities – Ray having washed up with Eugene 

            sits basking in the sun considering dinner whilst Mike sunbathes, Eugene sleeps

            and Frank resumes his seat at the nav. Table to send /receives emails and to

            commence the day’s log from rough notes taken by the various watchkeepers



14.00   Daily roll call on ARC C4. Position given for relaying to Cowes as back up to

            e-mail. FN



14.30   Generator switched off (4hr run) Batteries since showing 26.5V.  FN 



15.50   21.41N 26.32W Bearing cog 243 SOG 8kts Wind true NNE 13kts   FN  


16.00   High tea was served on the sun deck comprising freshly baked scones with

           strawberry jam and cream. We passed on tea in favour of a bottle of Ros’e



18.00   22.35N 24.14W   True wind speed, 13kts. SOG 5.5 - 6.3kts  Cook Ray started to

            prepare the evening dinner of starter mixed hors d’oeuvres  followed by a main

            course comprising pan fried Dorade in Soy sauce with garlic sweet potato wedges

            and a selection of mixed vegetables. The main course will be accompanied by

            a chilled light dry white table wine. For dessert for this evening is Fruit Salad

           & Cream.  FN


18.30   Generator started ; hot water, battery chargers put on.  FN


21.00  22.28N 24.50W Watches: 21 – 00 FN/ 00 – 03 EMc / 03-06 RT/ 06-09 MS

           ENE True wind speed 14kts, having to still sail the wind 4 degrees

           off course with COG 254 degrees SOG 6.5kts. FN



21.45  Generator switched off. (3.75 h rs).  Yacht still ahead 4 miles off Starboard

           beam and another abeam.  FN



00.00  21.09N 27.29W Distance done over past twenty four hours -  170.2 nm. FN