Bootlegger Blog - ARC Log Day 13

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 8 Dec 2007 04:30


Bootlegger of Mann  


2007 ARC Log     


Date 0712.07


Day Thirteen


00.01   16.32N 43.28W  Wind true ESE 22 kts gusting 27kts; COG 272 SOG 8.2kts

             new bearing of 288 degrees



03.00   16.27N 43.49W  Wind 20 25kts ESE, COG 275 SOG 7.5kts. Distance to St Lucia

            1000 nm.  EMc


 06.00   16.23N 44.13W   Wind 20kts ESE, COG now 280, SOG 7 – 8kts

             Carrying mizzen and ¾ Genny only.  RT


06.15   Completed and sent out logs to ARC and Mailasail blog sites FN


06.30   Clock and battery check – batteries down to 22.8V. Generator turned

             on with chargers and water heater. FN


09.05    16.22N 44.34W.  winds ESE 15-18 kts, SOG 6.9kts FN


11.00    Received notification from ARC Control that several boats suffered

             damage in yesterday afternoon / evening stormy conditions including

              two kite poles, loss of engine, loss of generator etc.

              Got an e-mail from Wolfgang in 91 (Abora) to say Peter in the Amel 54

             #69 lost his parasail in the storm yesterday, reckoned the shackle

             installation provided by Amel at fault. He very unhappy. Winds due to

             drop to 8 – 10 kts over the weekend.  


11.30    Generator turned off ( 5 hr run )


12.00    Noon position 16.19N 44.53W.  COG 280 degrees. Cloudy with

             occasional squalls coming through. Cooler today with the cold front

             we are experiencing.  FN


14.00    Daily SSB Roll Call.  Again very poor reception, Controller barely audible

             Again requested our position be relayed to Cowes.  FN


14.20    Sent position report to Cowes. FN


14.35    Spoke with Burnadebt who advised that after getting up to 21 kts surfing

             down wind with kite up yesterday the spinnaker pole snapped. They

             have a replacement and amazingly kite not damaged. They have been diving

             all over the ocean, previously to the south and ahead of us by some twenty

             miles they are now to the northeast of us by a similar distance.


15.00    The day is made better with the arrival of sunshine. Mike immediately strips off all

             his wet weather gear down to his shorts and dons sun tan oil. Just as

             yesterday when he did the same thing the black clouds came rolling back in

             the seas quickly built up with a rapid increase in wind and the rain started!

             If  he is  seen with sun tan oil in his hands again everyone is instructed to

             take it off him and throw it over the side ! FN


16.00    Wind ESE 20-24kts true. SOG 6.5 to 7.5kts. Just 75% genny and  mizzen

             out    FN


17.00   Wind ESE 27kts true; COG 275, SOG 8.3 Sails reefed in 25%

             we were reaching 9.7kts SOG before again shortening sail as we seem

             to be getting a repeat of yesterday’s weather with forecasts still giving

             gusts in excess of 50kts for the area. FN


20.00   16.39N 43.00W wind 32 kts true COG 270 degrees SOG 8.5 – 9.3kts

            Very little sail up, handkerchief on forestay and ¼ mizzen out only.


            Clock and Battery check – latter down to  23.8V. FN


            Turned on generator and ran battery chargers, hot water, FN


20.30    Frank did dinner to suit conditions - corned beef hash which was again

             eaten out of bowls in cockpit. General consensus very good !


21.00   16.06N 46.16W Wind 22 -26kts ESE COG 280degrees SOG 7-8 kts. No

            sightings of other boats. Distance to go 871 nm.  RT


23.00   16.06N 46.16W Wind ESE 22-26kts  SOG now 7 – 8kts   Generator

            switched off (3.5 hrs) RT



00.00  16.05N  46.22  COG 28 degrees SOG 7 - 8kts Wind true ESE 20 – 27kts gusting

            30 plus kts. Ongoing squally conditions.  Distance to St Lucia 852 nm.

            Distance done over past twenty four hours: -  172 nm  RT