To third waypoint - Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Tue 22 Jan 2008 12:00
Tuesday 22 January 2008

Position: 16:12.53N 61:31.5551W

09.30 15:55.1970N 61:43.5888W Weather: fine and sunny Wind: ENE 25kts
Waves: 2.5 m SOG: 6.0kts Course: 05 degrees T DTG to next waypoint:

Nightmare trip through the channel which on top of the conditions
described earlier was laid almost solid with fishermens pots. Spent last
couple of hours dodging them, they being difficult to spot in the heavy
seas. Resolved to get rope cutter fitted in Pointe A Pitre.

10.00 Now sailing with headsail and main on the new northerly course;
going like a train reaching a SOG of up to 8.5kts.

10.45 16:12.53N 61:31.5551W Reached final WP which is entrance to buoyed
channel skirting reefs which I entered, motoring for the final mile up to
and into the marina to starboard.

11.30 FWE Moored up stern to in Pointe A Pitre marina.

This is where Bootlegger will remain for various works to be done on her
through the local Amel office over the next several weeks. These include
lift out, hull clean and re-antifouling, fitting of rope cutter to prop
shaft, VHF radio repair, balooner pole repair, sail repair and
laundering,cockpit plexiglass windshield replacements (existing full of
stress fractures), genoa sheet renewal with longer lengths to allow for
when headsails poled out to name but a few.

Distance done: 29nm Time taken: 5.5hrs Engine run time: 5 hrs.

Pictured below: Bootlegger in dry dock, Pointe A Pitre, Guadeloupe