Siracusa 13 to 19 August 2013

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Mon 19 Aug 2013 12:02


37:03.57N 15:17.22E

13 – 19.08.13


37:03.57N 15:17.22E Siracuse , East Sicily


We have spent a pleasant week at anchor in this beautiful ancient city’s Grand Harbour the exploration of which has proven to be a most pleasurable experience. We like this place and the inhabitants we have met.


On Friday (16th August) son Karl and partner Ellie arrived to spend some time with us. They had travelled out via southern Spain where they had spent the first week of their holidays before flying  to Sicily’s nearby Catania airport and then bussing the final 43 km to Siracuse.

Our plan to all ‘do’ Siracuse’ the following day (Saturday) was frustrated by outboard engine failure. Our newly arrived guests chilled out aboard on their first day aboard whilst, J and I spent several hot, sticky and frustrating hours at the town’s quayside whilst an Egyptian – a suspected illegal immigrant who a local boat man believed was a ‘mechanic’ was called to fix it. Finally he pronounced the engine repaired. We settled up with him and headed back out to Bootlegger.   


Whilst we had been away Karl had swam over to a nearby Maltese yacht called Sang Royal where he made friends with owner Alexander, friend Adrian and the boat’s dog Buddy. Later, whilst taking Karl and Ellie ashore the engine again broke down – same symptoms as before ( fuel starvation ) requiring us to paddle them back to Bootlegger. Alex and Adrian kindly ran them ashore whilst we managed to raise the only qualified marine mechanic working in Siracuse that day, the local Mercury man. We arranged to have the engine picked up and taken ashore to him. Two hours later it was back – repaired. Total cost of Egyptian and Mercury man - €120.

Karl and Ellie also arrived back with a bevie of beautiful people in a large RIB which K had charmed a lift from. We had a nice candlelight dinner aboard in the cockpit.


The next day we sailed down to a National Park bay south of Siracuse where we picked up a buoy, had lunch aboard and a lazy Sunday afternoon sunbathing and snorkelling before Karl sailed us back to Siracuse’s Grand Harbour to spend the night at anchor. A nice day.


Monday 19th


37:03.57N 15:17.22E Siracuse , East Sicily


08:00 Picked up anchor and headed north for Catania.

We stopped off in the lovely little fishing port with castle and resort of  Brucoli  for lunch and a swim. K & E swam ashore to explore with w/proof bag containing their shoes and clothes.


17:30 NIC Yacht Club Marina. Catania. Distance done from Siracuse - 35 nm. We are met by the friendly staff of this little marina which has offered us a berth for just 60 € per night. We soon see why. Trucks rumble noisily down the adjacent access quay 24/7 embarking and disembarking from RoRo ferries that share the same quay. Inevitably the shore supply connection calls for a change in plug. We eat aboard by candlelight in the cockpit. J has done us proud with a lovely dinner.