Passage: Spanish Waters, Curacao, to Oranjestad, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles [ 78.60 nm ]

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sat 17 Jul 2010 21:24

Bootlegger of Mann  Log




12:31.002N 70:02.298W


Passage: Spanish Waters, Curacao, to Oranjestad, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles [ 78.60 nm ]


Crew:  FN ( Solo )


Conditions: Weather: 100% Cloud with occasional rain. Wind : E 07 kts


06:50:  12:04.286N 68:50.599W, Suru Boca Marina, Santa Barbara Plantation,

                                                              Spanish Waters, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles


                                                              Slipped my berth lines and made my way across Spanish Waters and

                                                              down the Cut with its twisting narrow  channel, past the new Hyatt Regency 

                                                              to port and out into open sea.


                                                              Using pre-plotted Route 23. I set the course to 300 degrees

                                                              which took me on a pretty parallel course with the island’s western

                                                              coastline, With just 5 kn of  wind from the west I am on motor  only ,

                                                              with a SOG of just 7kn at 2100 rpm.


07:45 12:05.410N 68:56.980 W   Passing entrance to Willemstad harbour as I see the sun break

                                             out for the first time, be it a watery one. Noted tug boat coming out

                                                             of Willemstad to assist in bringing in barge already under tow was

                                                             on a converging course with Bootlegger. As he closed he turned

                                                             toward me forcing me to change my course, he carried on forcing me

                                                             into a 360 degree turn to avoid a collision.


10:30 12:11.480N 69:16.100W     Wind has picked up to W 10kn; nice day now; motor sailing with all

                                                              three sails out, SOG 7.8kn.


Noon 12:15.590N 69:26.270W     Wind remains W 10kn SOG 7.8 – 8.0kn; roughly halfway there with

                                                              some 40.6 nm still to go to end of route (Oranjestad). No sightings since

                                                              the barge and tugs. Lovely day now. 

                                                             Made myself lunch – crab and tuna  ( from separate tins ! ) salad. 

                                                             Dang, forgot to buy mayonnaise. Followed up by Vanilla dessert with 

                                                             banana; like a babies meal but very tasty.


                                                             Still getting GSM signal and good strength FM radio from Curacao.


14.15 12:21.771N 69:42.675W     Sighted Aruba. Tall chimneys noted. COG 290 SOG 7.7 – 7.8kn


15:45 12:24.794N 69.53.990W     Just passing industrial complex on SE coast of Aruba as we proceed

                                                              up the coast headed for Customs and Immigration in Barcadera Haven 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               17:00 12:28.834N 70:00.430W    Arrived Harbour Buoy , Barcadera Haven entrance. Radio’d Sea Port Marina

                                                             office to see if I had to bring boat in here or whether I could visit later by taxi

                                                             as place full of Venezuelan fishing boats. Told I had to take boat in and 

                                                             that they would stay open for my arrival.


!7:15  12:28.855N 70:02.340W     Barcadera Customs ( + Immigration ) Dock. With assistance from a boat

                                                             crew I tied up alongside a very dirty and smelly Venezuelan fishing boat.


                                                             Both the Customs and Immigration officers suddenly appeared on the

                                                             deck of the fishing boat  to give me and Bootlegger the once over. 


                                                             After being questioned by both on such things as weapons, drugs, where

                                                             had I come from, destination etc I was asked to accompany them to

                                                             their offices where, after production of ships papers and lots of form

                                                             filling, I was officially ‘Cleared In’ and good to go. 

                                                            The Customs man seemed quite worried and concerned when I indicated 

                                                            my next port as being Cartegena, Columbia. It is now very dangerous, many 

                                                            pirates between here and there he said. Don’t go there, go up here instead 

                                                            he said, pointing on a wall chart to the British Cayman Islands, some 850 nm 

                                                            to the north !   


18.20 12:31.014N 70.02.340W     Sea Port Marina, Renaissance Resort Complex, Oranjestad  


                                                             I arrived off the Marina entrance to be met by a RIB from the marina who at my

                                                             request put someone aboard Bootlegger to guide me in through the tricky

                                                             approaches and assist in the tying up of Bootlegger on arrival at the berth.


                                                             I was put stern to ( north facing ) near the sea wall and protected from t

                                                             he strong southerly’s when they come by a building adjacent to the dock.

                                                             just a few feet away. The passage including visit to Customs/Immigration

                                                             in Barcadera has taken 11.5 hrs, a total distance of 78.6nm.


                                                             My plan is to leave Bootlegger in the water here for the next three months.

                                                             It’s a lovely location with lots to do.


                                                             Dined at  an Italian restaurant overlooking the marina just opposite the

                                                             Renaissance Hotel. The resort seems full of mainly overweight young

                                                             American families and honeymooners who are catered for here by just about

                                                             every American fast food joint you can name from Taco Bell to Dunkin

                                                             Doughnuts !


                                                             Now comes the 1001 things to do before leaving the boat including of course

                                                            the big clean and tidy up / put away; shutting down systems and instructing

                                                            fully those responsible for looking after, maintaining  and possibly moving the

                                                            boat in my absence, etc etc.



                                                            FN 170710