Hillsborough,Carracou to St George's, Grenada

Bootlegger of Mann
Frank Newton
Sun 25 May 2008 16:00

Sunday 25 May 2008

Position: 12:02.89N 61:45W

Crew: Frank Newton (Solo)

06.30: 12:28.98N 61:27W Hillsborough, Carracou. Weather: Cool and cloudy
with showers Wind: SSE 12 - 15kts

06.50: Weighed anchor and headed out of Hillsborough Bay on a course of
313 degrees.

09.00: 12:12.7N 61:43.9W Sail only. SOG 6.4kts. Weather: now sunny and
warm. Wind ESE 15-16kts. Heading down NW coast of Grenada steering 207
degrees. Had cornflakes and orange juice for breakfast.

09.30: Wind has suddenly changed increased to 26kts from the south
requiring me to pull in sails and motor.

09.45 Wind dropped to ESE 3kts. Started generator for washing machine.

10.00: Wind back to ESE 15kts, sails out again. Sail only, SOG 7.6kts

10.45: FWE after dropping hook in anchorage just south of St George's
Harbour entrance. Engine hrs: 2.75 Gen. hrs: 3 Distance done: 38 nm.

Attempted to do a short dive only to find on submerging that regulator was
leaking air badly so forced to return to boat.

15.15: Weighed anchor and motored slowly into harbour following a tight
channel. Berthed in Grenada Yacht Club marina where allocated an alongside
berth just ahead of another Amel SM2000 (see pic below)